Review: Wall Mounted Tie Organizer

It only takes a few essentials to keep a well dressed mans closet in style. By properly storing your suits and accessories you can cut down on trips to the dry cleaners and save time getting ready in the morning. With the right hangers, shoe rack and men’s valet any closet can be well organized. One great option for keeping your closet organized is the wall mounted tie organizer.

Wall Mounted Tie Organizer

When properly stored suits only need to be dry cleaned a few times a year. Make sure that suit jackets are hung on a padded or formed hanger that won’t leave behind hanger marks. Make sure that hangers are evenly spaced with about an inch between each garment for proper air flow. Dress shirts should never go in the dryer, hang them up to dry and then iron while still slightly damp to get a smooth look.

Storing your tie collection comes down to finding the right tie rack. With the Wall Mounted 30 Tie Organizer from Stacks and Stacks, finding the tie you are looking for is easy. Individual tie hangers allow you to easily organize your tie collection. Specially designed tie hooks ensure that ties stay flat, making the wall mounted tie organizer a one-of-a-kind option for tie storage. If you can’t hang up a tie right away make sure to roll it up rather than folding it which can cause creases.

Organization doesn’t stop at the wall mounted tie organizer

Keep cufflinks paired up with a men’s valet that has small compartments for storing them together. If you have a watch with a leather wristband look for a valet designed for storing watches with cushions that support the band and keep it from getting out of shape.

When it comes to storing shoes, especially leather ones don’t wear them two days in a row so that they have time to dry out. An over the door rack is a good way to store shoes since it allows them to air out and saves space at the same time.

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