Light Up Tie Rack Saves the (Very, Very Early) Morning!

We have all been there: The setting is a very dark closet early in the morning – let’s say 4 AM. There is a good reason (it better be a good reason) you are up at such an ungodly hour of the day:  You have a very important meeting; you are traveling to meet with a client for the first time; you are preparing for an interview that is far away. No matter what the important reason is, you are in your closet, it is pitch black and you are trying to piece together the perfect outfit while your significant other is peacefully dozing just a dozen feet from the closet.

You are a considerate spouse and do not want to awake them from their angelic slumber, but you also need to look great because darn it, this is a very important day! So you go about preparing yourself for this biggest of days in the dark, praying you do not match your dashing pinstripe shirt with a spotted pink tie.

Whether or not that big day went as well as you had hoped it would, there is no question that getting ready by the dark of your closet is no way to go through life. I am one such person who sometimes has to get ready in the dark of my closet, and I knew that there had to be some sort of solution to this issue.

Light Up Tie Rack

Luckily what I ended up finding as a solution is better and more functional than I ever imagined. I figured I would just have to buy a cheap-o light that I could mount to the ceiling of the closet and that I could switch on with the closet door closed. Instead what I found was the Light-Up Rotating Tie and Belt Rack. This motorized accessory rack not only provides enough light for me to see all of my clothes while I get read, it also is able to hold a huge amount of ties, belts and other accessories.

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  • RCPatch

    My girlfriend got me the Sharper Image 72 tie holding motorized tie rack for christmas. Unfortunately once we put my 60-70 ties on it, the weight was too much for the motor which won’t turn now.

    Do you have any suggestions for motorized tie racks that actually have a strong motor? I’m fine with even getting 2 units / splitting up my tie collection onto 2 units just so that the motor is powerful enough to work. Thoughts? If you do have a suggestion, could you email me the name of the product and where I could purchase it? Thank you!