A Tie Display – Stylish and Space Efficient!

If you take pride in your tie collection, a tie display can be the perfect way to keep them in tip-top condition while prominently showing the world – “I love my ties!” The tie rack in the image below provides excellent storage for a large tie collection, plus keeps them stored in such a way that they do not wrinkle or lose their shape.

Tie Display

See below for more incredibly tie display suggestions!

My favorite rack for displaying a tie collection is actually more like a shelf. I really like the style of the tie display because it also works well as wall decor. Even if you have never worn a tie in your life, this is a great way to decorate wall space!

This necktie display rack is constructed of Legos! Not only are Legos a common pastime for most kids, this look actually has a sleek, industrial feel about it.


Of course not all of us are as creative as the Lego guy. However, do not fret because if you are even the slightest bit handy with building, this type of tie rack is really easy to make. Another popular way of using this rack is to build it the size of your dresser drawer. Then you lay it down in the drawer and you store the ties the same way – rolled up in the cubbyhole. This option is not designed as much for tie display but is a great way to organize your ties!

Rolling Your Ties isn’t Just for Those Interested in a Tie Display

Rolling your ties is not only a very attractive way to display them, but also the best for them besides hanging. If you fold your ties up for display, you’ll have wrinkles and creases that may be hard to remove. By rolling your ties, you won’t have to worry about wrinkles and all your ties will be ready to wear.

For more tie storage ideas


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  • John Potts

    I am looking for the little ball end nails to make a tie rack. Does anyone know where I can purchase these?

  • Nicole

    Hey John,

    I did a google search for ball ended screws and found a few links you might be interested in. Try this one out: http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXSDZ1&P=FR

  • Jason

    You mention that tie “shelf” being available for purchase. Can you tell me where – amazingly you are the only place on the internet that I can even find a picture of this – I’ve been looking for ages to purchase one. Thanks!

  • Nicole

    Sorry Jason, I should have been more clear. The picture is of a rack my uncle built for my cousin. He used this video to get the building ideas down, though! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=le8Dcvjichk
    Have you checked with any department stores? Sometimes when they’re swapping out display cases for ties and other accessories, they’ll give them away to the public if they don’t need them anymore! Good luck.

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  • Mike

    There is nothing more sad than walking the Home Depot aisles looking for tie rack solutions. I had lost hope on an innovative solution until the Lego rack pictured above – brilliant!!! Could you post more pics, designs or a “how to” on this work of art? Much appreciated and keep this great blog going

  • Alice

    Wow i’m so impressed! do you have instructions on how to make that awesome looking lego tie rack?? or even what pieces to buy to make it?? thanks !!

  • andy clevenger

    How do you get access to the video, I would really like to watch it and see how it is done. Home made is always better !!

  • Elenie

    I want to make this tie rack/grid for my husband… but the video posted is private and I am unable to watch how to make it. Can you (or others who made this project) post another video? I would really appreciate it!

  • WTG

    I tired to view the video but it’s marked private. Any advice on how I can see it?

  • oldschool

    excellent use of legos. video is private would love to attempt this build if you would allow me to view the video.
    thank you

  • Brian

    Could I have access to the link/video for building the tie display case?

    Would you know anywhere that sells the completed display cases?

    Many thanks


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