Necktie Tools: The Dimpler

When it comes to learning to tie your necktie and doing a good job at it, there are tons of tools and products to utilize in your quest to tie the perfect knot.


Besides ample amount necktie tying videos available on YouTube, there are specialized products to get the job done as well. One product in particular is called the Dimpler. I came across this product in a desperate search to re-invent my sloppy tie-tying ways.

The tie Dimpler is a unique product because it helps you get the perfect dimple in your tie once you’ve gotten the knot in.



According to the product site, “The Dimpler works on the principle that the dimpling process should begin as the necktie feeds into the top of the forming knot. This way the crease or dimple runs well up into the knot and will take and hold as you cinch it down for the final tightening. All of the surfaces of the Dimpler Tie Tool that come into contact with the necktie are sleek, smooth plastic which prevents any snagging or damage to the necktie.”

This incredible product was created to help men make the best impression possible with a professional and sleek tie. Now, it is my opinion that you need more than just a cool-looking necktie to make a lasting impression. But who am I kidding, having a sleek tie and knot can’t hurt. Plus it will help you feel more confident around other men who have ties, most likely without the aid of the Dimpler.

You can purchase the Dimpler at for a very affordable price. Each Dimpler comes with the incredible and mind-blowing “Dimpling Tips and Necktie Knots” companion booklet. This booklet includes directions for use plus tips and illustrated instructions for tying the most commonly used necktie knots.



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  • Jack Lord

    Woderful. Now I can dimple my ties and still remain faithful to my semi-slob lifestyle. Cheers to you for the dicovery, and the post, and the blog, and for beinging light to an ever-darkening world.

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