Bumps Be Gone Hangers

It’s not just the tie that makes the man, it’s the whole suit. While we here at Tie Racks Blog typically focus on the best ways to care for, store and organize the neck pieces in your wardrobe, those accessories are worthless unless you take care of the rest of your wardrobe.¬†As a woman, I know men do not typically go into such meticulous efforts to organize their wardrobes; the easier, the better. So when I started utilizing the Bumps Be Gone Hangers in my own closet, I immediately knew my husband would love them.

These unique hangers are designed to hang clothes without creating unsightly bumps in the shoulders from stretching. The bendable hangers are made from an easy-to-manage wire covered in a soft, grip-able foam. Bend the hanger arms slightly up or down to hang anything from sweaters to slacks. These hangers are great for men because they can manage the weight of dress pants and suit coats, but also hang nice dress shirts without compromising the structure of the shoulder. The Bumps Be Gone hangers are a great solution minus the extra effort that comes with large organizers or valet stands. Your guy can store and protect his duds in minimal time.

These flexible hangers can even be folded down to easily fit into luggage when you travel; Never struggle with wrinkled or stretched clothes when you fly or stay in a hotel for business.

These awesome hangers are available in the original design as well as a few other convenient alternate versions.

Bumps Be Gone Styles:

“I recently bought additional “Bumps Be-Gone” hangers as I loved the first ones I got several years ago. They not only are great for hanging to dry things you can’t put in the dryer, but also for keeping sweaters neatly hung in the closet without having the shoulders ruined by hanger marks. Highly recommended!” — Linda S., Four Stars