Bumps Be Gone Hangers

It’s not just the tie that makes the man, it’s the whole suit. While we here at Tie Racks Blog typically focus on the best ways to care for, store and organize the neck pieces in your wardrobe, those accessories are worthless unless you take care of the rest of your wardrobe. As a woman, I know men do not typically go into such meticulous efforts to organize their wardrobes; the easier, the better. So when I started utilizing the Bumps Be Gone Hangers in my own closet, I immediately knew my husband would love them.

These unique hangers are designed to hang clothes without creating unsightly bumps in the shoulders from stretching. The bendable hangers are made from an easy-to-manage wire covered in a soft, grip-able foam. Bend the hanger arms slightly up or down to hang anything from sweaters to slacks. These hangers are great for men because they can manage the weight of dress pants and suit coats, but also hang nice dress shirts without compromising the structure of the shoulder. The Bumps Be Gone hangers are a great solution minus the extra effort that comes with large organizers or valet stands. Your guy can store and protect his duds in minimal time.

These flexible hangers can even be folded down to easily fit into luggage when you travel; Never struggle with wrinkled or stretched clothes when you fly or stay in a hotel for business.

These awesome hangers are available in the original design as well as a few other convenient alternate versions.

Bumps Be Gone Styles:

“I recently bought additional “Bumps Be-Gone” hangers as I loved the first ones I got several years ago. They not only are great for hanging to dry things you can’t put in the dryer, but also for keeping sweaters neatly hung in the closet without having the shoulders ruined by hanger marks. Highly recommended!” — Linda S., Four Stars

Add a tie mirror to make morning routine easier

Photo courtesy www.chicagoillinoisweddingphotography.com.

The perfect closet has many elements, and yes, one of those is an exceptional tie rack — but there are other pieces that can just as easily aid in your morning routine. If you are tying a necktie every morning, a great wall mounted mirror is a must as well. Small, lighted mirrors are great in the bathroom for ladies who wear makeup, but they’re great for guys too. 

This double-sided and lighted wall-mounted mirror is just the perfect size. The double jointed arm can fold flat against the wall, conserving space. You have your choice of brushed or polished nickel, bronze and chrome.

Lighted Mirror – Double-Sided Wall Mount Features

  • Four attractive finishes: Bronze, Chrome, Brushed Nickel and Polished Nickel.
  • Limited 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Cool bright light.
  • 3900 Kelvin rating.
  • Long-lasting LED light.
  • Hard wired.
  • Please note: photo does not show cord or plug.
  • Mounts to wall using included hardware.
  • Double-sided mirror has 1X and 5X magnification.
  • Tilts and pivots with the articulated arm.
  • Use for makeup application, tweezing and other grooming activities.
  • 9 W x 16 D inches when fully extended.
  • Extends to 16 inches.

Travel tie organizer is a great gift for business travelers

The winter catalog is out now at OrganizeIt.com and it features a plethora of great gift ideas. Among them is an awesome travel tie organizer that I just had to feature.

Traveling for business or other reasons that require professional attire is so much easier now. This handy suitcase accessory is made to hold up to six neck ties. The zippered case features elastic straps that hold your delicate ties in place, preventing shifting and wrinkling during flights, car or train rides. An enclosed pocket is a great spot for small accessories like your tie clips, lapel pins, pocket squares or cuff links. Long-lasting polyester is made to hold up during your travels. The small case easily fits inside your suitcase or carry-on — no need to lug it around as an additional piece.

This travel case is also great for scarves and other accessories. Simplify your travel with this convenient organizer!


Let it slide: A pull out tie rack keep things tidy

There are a million and a half ways to organize neck ties, but have you ever thought of utilizing a belt valet? These handy storage pieces mount inside your closet and slide out on smooth ball bearings to make your accessories accessible. The durable, strong construction of these hidden hangers is guaranteed to last years. Try these models: 

This nickel Sliding Belt Rack is made from commercial grade steel.  Seven sturdy hooks securely hang ties, belts and more without damaging delicate fabrics. It can be mounted to slide out to the left or right, so it can easily accommodate any closet system. Hooks can hold multiple accessories a piece and hardware comes included for easy installation.

For more storage, check out the Custom Closet Slide-Out Tie Rack. Boasting 18 strong prongs for hanging your favorite neckties, this tie valet is made from strong aluminum. A charming oil-rubbed bronze finish compliments any decor. Mount it to the wall, the inside of a closet or cabinet door – anywhere that is easily accessible.

Find these products and other like them at StacksandStacks.com.

Tie Rack Buying Guide For the Fed-Up Spouse

Oh man, there are only 4 more shopping days before Christmas! That means if you have been slacking off on your man’s shopping list, then it is high time to kick right into action. I mean, what have you been doing all of December? Napping after eating too much turkey on Thanksgiving? Here is a Tie Rack Buying Guide to help you wade through the vicious world of shopping for a middle-aged man.

Sorry for the tough love up there – I actually do understand your predicament a bit. I mean, he doesn’t have a ton of hobbies outside of working and gardening, so that eliminates that well. He always has the most state of the art electronic device, so there is no way you can get him the latest-greatest electronic. He doesn’t give a lick about fashion, so you could go the boring route and just get him some shirts and underwear, but what kind of spouse does something like that?

Tie Rack Buying GuideSo you are pretty much out of options. Luckily, his job forces him to wear a nice pressed tie every day so maybe a new storage device for all his ties is in order? Let us take a look at this tie rack buying guide so you can find the perfect accessory for his closet.

My favorite tie racks are ones that rotate and provide ample storage for your ties. These racks are pretty cool because they are modern and state of the art, giving him another electronic device that he never even thought of!

Another great rack for men that need to wear business clothing to work is a belt rack such as this Cedar Belt Rack from Woodlore. The rack is sturdy and made with a cedar wood backing, which helps eliminate odors and keep clothing smelling fresh as a forest!

With these two items off of my tie rack buying guide, you will certainly impress the man in your life!



Valet Stand Provides Upscale Styling for Classy Guys

A few weeks ago we discussed some of the best upscale storage options for gentlemen with refined taste. The need to have the best storage for your clothing and accessories is very important to upscale gentlemen, so there is no cutting around the corners. Well I came across an amazing new valet stand that provides excellent storage for all of your accessories, from ties to watches and more!

This men’s valet is not all that much different than your standard rack, though it has an incredible solid wood construction. The detailed curves on the top of this men’s valet give it an eye-catching appearance, perfect for enhancing the already impeccable décor of your bedroom. The deep mahogany finish of this valet stand looks great in any setting, and makes your bedroom something a true gentleman would be proud of.

Valet StandThe valet stand that I am talking about doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to titles. Simple called the “Valet Stand”, this storage accessory provides so much more than its title lets on. This valet stand includes a small box that is perfect for keeping your phone and your other accessories safe from the reaching hands of your butler or cleaning crew.

Other features of this valet stand include a bar for storing your ties (hence the mention on Tie Racks Blog) and a tray for storing other small items. The storage versatility this incredible bedroom valet stand provides everything a man needs to keep his bedroom organized. Anyone that sees your bedroom after adding this stand will think “My goodness gracious, what a gentleman!”

So now that you have some guidance as to how to keep your bedroom and accessories organized, you are ready to go be a true upscale gentleman. So just take my advice and stick with the Valet Stand – your upscale credentials will appreciate it!

Wall Mounted Tie Rack: A Must-Have After an Interview

Here is a question for my faithful tie-rack loving readers: Have you ever had a job interview in the summer? Without question, it is the single worst time of the year to put a job on the line with the way your appearance. All that hot weather and uncomfortable formal-wear always leads to a sweat-fest for me. This makes it even more important to get a proper wall mounted tie rack to store your ties and let them dry off.

I remember one of my first interviews right out of college that did not go particularly well due to the heat. I had just moved to Boston, Massachusetts and this California boy was in no way prepared for the thick blanket of humidity that hangs over the Eastern Seaboard.

I took the “T” train system to my interview, which was a few neighborhoods over. This involved walking about a half mile to the train station, awkwardly carrying my suit jacket and resume. By the time I get to the train, it is sweat-city for me. Luckily the train had some not-so-bad air conditioning, and I cooled down on the way there.

I thought I was smart to not wear my tie until I arrived at my destination, however I was wrong. Trying to tie a tie in that thick summer air made me even sweatier than walking to the train! And then I didn’t have a train AC to cool me down.

Once I got my tie on and finally found the office for my interview (it was in a vast medical complex), I was pretty uncomfortable and looked the part. The interviewers were nice and while the interview went okay, I definitely did not get the job.

Wall Mounted Tie Rack

Cedar Tie Rack by Woodlore

This story is only going to get worse without a wall mounted tie rack!

To make matters worse, when I got home my sweaty-wet tie did not have a good place to be stored, like a wall mounted tie rack. So I just tried to hang it over a closet rod, where it promptly fell without me noticing. Two days later I find my tie balled up in the closet with sweat-stains and all wrinkled. Now the jobless broke kid is out a tie.

So if you have an interview this summer, I would recommend driving or taking a cab to the interview and avoid walking. There is nothing more embarrassing than being uncomfortably sweaty and hot in an interview, and the interviewer will notice!

And when you get home, be sure to use a wall mounted tie rack to keep your ties looking great for the next interview! This Cedar Tie Rack is the perfect option!

Tie Rack Blog’s Tips for Maintaining Ties

As a young man first entering the professional workforce, one of the biggest shockers to me was just how expensive a tie can be. Who knew a little flat of cloth that you tie around your neck could cost upwards of 50 dollars??? Add in the fact that my first job required a tie every single day, and you can imagine my entry-level salary was being stretched pretty thing – by ties!

The best way to save money when you have a professional career that requires ties is take very good care of them. If you are flip about the way you treat your ties, you are going to find yourself buying a new bunch of ties every single year. That kind of cash adds up fast, especially with salaries remaining stagnant.

Here are a couple quick tips to help you take care of that tie:

1.)    Never leave your tie tied-up. That is a great way to get deep, hard-to-remove wrinkles in the fabric. When removing the tie, do not just “yank” it off, take care in removing it to preserve the shape.

2.)    When you do get a wrinkle or a stain on the tie, be sure to not iron it. That too ruins the shape of your tie. The dry-cleaner is the only way to go in this scenario.

3.)    Be sure to keep your ties up off the floor! I know they are difficult to store and always fall off of the traditional storage devices. Use something with a little bit better grip like the Wall Mounted 30 Tie Organizer.

With these tips at your disposal you should be able to avoid running up a huge tab at the local department store, wasting money on new ties every month.

Tie Rack of the Week: Wood Peg Rack

Sometimes we just want something low-key and maintenance-free to store all of our accessories in the closet. One of the most high-maintenance closet accessories to store and organize is the dreaded but necessary tie. For some reason, these slippery little silk slings have a habit of sliding right off of the center rod in the closet. I can’t tell you how many ties I have had to just throw out because they simply had the life stomped out of them while sitting in a jumble on the closet floor. Typically ties are used to class-up your wardrobe, but they do nothing but class you down when you are wearing a wrinkly, disheveled looking tie. And has anyone ever noticed that ties are ridiculously expensive? I seriously cannot afford to have my ties stored in an inefficient or lackluster fashion. So let me tell you about how this week’s tie rack of the week can fix your problems.

One great way to avoid having your ties bite the dust is to store them on a sturdy but easy-to-use tie rack such as the tie rack with wooden pegs. This rack has a wall-mounted design that makes it perfect for anywhere in the bedroom, plus ample storage for ties and other accessories like belts and scarves! Another great thing about this tie rack is that its backing is made from cedar, which is great for warding off fabric-eating insects such as moths. For all of these reasons and so much more, this simple but unique tie rack has the honor of being this week’s incredible Tie Rack of the Week!

Tie Rack





So avoid the annoyance of ruined ties when you are getting ready for a day at the office or an important interview, and use this easy-to-install tie rack every day!

A Great Tie Rack for Valentines Day

Taking out the garbage, repairing that broken fence in the backyard, coaching your son’s little league tee ball team, taking the car to Pep Boys for a tune up, cooking up a four-course dinner before you go on a romantic date together – for some lucky ladies, these tasks are just a day in the life when they are with the man of their dreams. Stereotypically, it is the man that is left feeling the pressure when Valentine’s Day comes around. But when you have such an amazing man in your life, you cannot help but want to make this a special holiday.

One of the most classic gifts for Valentine’s Day is a fancy silk tie – not only is it a functional gift but it can also show a little individuality as you can select the tie pattern. However, many of our husbands or boyfriends already have an abundance of ties in the closet. It makes little sense to get them yet another tie when they have a huge issue just keeping the neckpieces they currently own organized.

This year, instead of the trite necktie, try a new spin on the classic gift – instead of a tie, get them a state-of-the-art tie rack that makes organization and finding the right tie easy. There are a wide variety of tie racks available on the market, from the standard cedar wood, wall-mounted peg rack – to the more sophisticated such as a light-up, rotating tie rack that connects to the closet rod.

No matter what type of tie rack you choose, the man in your life is surely going to appreciate the ability to organize and find tie racks quickly and efficiently. Instead of being stressed every morning because his favorite tie is wrinkly from sitting on the floor, or being stressed out because they cannot find the right tie for their big job interview, he will locate that neckpiece with ease and be ready to go right away!