Cooling Neck Tie For the Hot Summer

One of my favorite blogs is Lifehacker. They always have so many unique ideas that make life more comfortable, plus they usually involve inexpensive materials or items you already have at home. To say I am a regular reader would be an understatement – I have been a huge fan of the site since day one. I found an article that is perfect for this blog – how to make a cooling neck tie!

There are pre-made cooling neck ties that are available online, but they look so dorky. I cannot imagine anyone wanting to wear one of those for anything other than hiking or camping. They seem to focus way too much on the “functional” point of view and completely ignore “fashion”. But the cooling neck tie on Lifehacker actually has a cool look and could be something I would want to wear while I walk around.

Basically what you need to do is get any old necktie, and sew a few small pockets into the back. These small pockets are used to store water-absorbing crystals. These crystals are able to cool you for hours! I have no idea how it works but it sounds amazing. Best of all, to recharge the crystals all you need to do is soak the neck tie. The crystals are inexpensive and can be bought at most arts and crafts stores.

Cooling Neck Tie

I do a lot of complaining about having to wear a tie during the hot summer months. Maybe with this nifty little invention I won’t be so crabby about wearing formal-wear during the summer. I wonder if the little pockets full of crystals leak at all? That would bepretty annoying.

A Cooling Neck Tie Needs Storage Too!

As always, I want to remind you that even if you hate wearing ties during the summer it is important to store them properly so they do not get damaged. It doesn’t matter how cool your tie keeps you in hot weather, if it is all wrinkly it is going to make a poor impression. Use the Solid Oak Tie Hanger for easy and convenient storage.

A Brief History of the Necktie

We all wear them from time to time, little decorative collars that hang down our chest, adding a little bit of “flare” to our outfit. Maybe it is for church, business, celebration or whatever, but every man at some point has to clumsily attempt to pull off the Double Windsor and wear the old necktie. Maybe as you are strangling yourself while you try to tighten the knot, or frustratingly tying and untying the knot to get it at the correct length you have though to yourself, “Why am I wearing this contraptions anyways?!?!”

Well of course, like anything in fashion the modern tie sprang up after Parisians took a liking to the decorative garb of a group of Croatian mercenaries from the Croatian Military Frontier. After the French adopted it and called the early necktie a “cravat”, a full-fledged fashion craze swept the continent of Europe – and it wasn’t just for guys either.

Around the 19th century the tie had become a staple of formal wear, and in fact several publications were released specifying the proper way to tie and wear your cravat. At this time they were merely a proto-necktie, much more decorative and even sometimes lacy, and worn at quite a bit shorter length. But then along came the Industrial Revolution and the need for a more practical, durable and most importantly, comfortable tie and the modern necktie was born. Since then the style and preferred length of ties has morphed and melded with the ever-changing tide of fashion, but has basically retained its general form.

Now, I’m not sure how they ever stored all of their neckties back in the 19th and early 20th century, but today there are a wide variety of tie racks available, from wall mounted racks made of cedar up to motorized tie racks that rotate around and allow you to find your tie easily. Whatever your need, be sure to keep those ties hung up and looking great because nothing is worse than a frazzled tie!

Bored? Here Is A Little Tie Fun!

Ties are one of those things that get the brunt of a lot of jokes, especially when they look as ridiculous as some of these. In most cases, you can refer to this list to find out what tie NOT to wear to any important event or somewhere you want to leave a positive impression on your style.

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