A Great Tie Rack for Valentines Day

Taking out the garbage, repairing that broken fence in the backyard, coaching your son’s little league tee ball team, taking the car to Pep Boys for a tune up, cooking up a four-course dinner before you go on a romantic date together – for some lucky ladies, these tasks are just a day in the life when they are with the man of their dreams. Stereotypically, it is the man that is left feeling the pressure when Valentine’s Day comes around. But when you have such an amazing man in your life, you cannot help but want to make this a special holiday.

One of the most classic gifts for Valentine’s Day is a fancy silk tie – not only is it a functional gift but it can also show a little individuality as you can select the tie pattern. However, many of our husbands or boyfriends already have an abundance of ties in the closet. It makes little sense to get them yet another tie when they have a huge issue just keeping the neckpieces they currently own organized.

This year, instead of the trite necktie, try a new spin on the classic gift – instead of a tie, get them a state-of-the-art tie rack that makes organization and finding the right tie easy. There are a wide variety of tie racks available on the market, from the standard cedar wood, wall-mounted peg rack – to the more sophisticated such as a light-up, rotating tie rack that connects to the closet rod.

No matter what type of tie rack you choose, the man in your life is surely going to appreciate the ability to organize and find tie racks quickly and efficiently. Instead of being stressed every morning because his favorite tie is wrinkly from sitting on the floor, or being stressed out because they cannot find the right tie for their big job interview, he will locate that neckpiece with ease and be ready to go right away!

Featuring: Wall Mounted Tie Racks

Last week we delved into the extraordinarily interesting topic of tie racks in small closets. You will recall the detail in which we explained how difficult it can be to find room in the closet to store a wall mounted tie rack, because they are best suited for a walk-in closet or larger closets.

For those of you that do have a walk in closet, you sat by patiently while your less blessed co-followers were given a lesson on tie storage 101. We learned about a variety of hanging and rod-mounted tie racks, all made in a variety of styles.

Well this is your lucky blog post, walk in closet owners! This week we will explore the fascinating and surprising world of wall mounted tie racks! Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, construction materials and capacities, there is surely a great wall mount rack out there for your closet.

The most common wall mounted tie rack is the standard cedar-backed metal peg tie rack. Holding between 10 and 40 ties, these racks are great because they have a good solid base, so ties are less likely to be shaken around, causing them to fall to the ground. There is a downside however, and that is the peg’s metal construction. Because the pegs are a smooth metal (to prevent damage to silk ties), it is very common for ties to just slip right off of the peg.

Wall Mounted 30 Tie Organizer


To avoid this annoying occurrence with your run-of-the-mill wall mounted necktie rack, I would recommend looking into something a little bit more “grippy”. You’ll remember earlier on the blog we featured a hanging tie rack with gripping arms. This wall-mounted rack is a little bit different but provides the same function. The wall-mounted 30 tie organizer has a single metal rod with 30 separate clips, each one holding a single tie. The clips are specially designed to keep the tie from getting wrinkled while keeping it firmly in place.

Either of these options is perfect for anyone with a lot of closet space to mount a tie rack. They have great capacity, a durable quality and are relatively inexpensive!

Tie Rack of the Week: Accessory Rack

After taking a short break from our “Tie Rack of the Week” feature due to the Christmas holiday, I am back to highlight another convenient, durable and unique organizational rack for your closet – the accessory rack!  Normally we stick to just talking about regular tie racks, but this week I want to showcase a storage accessory that is great for a variety of items.

Most tie racks are pretty simple in their design and only really provide good storage for the one item they are intended to hold: ties. Now as most of you know, dressing your best for work takes much more than just having a stellar tie around your neck. No, there are a variety of other formal accessories that are necessary in order to look your best, including belts, scarves and other “strappy” items.

As you may know, it can be quite difficult to find a good place to store your belts and other clothing accessories – they always end up falling to the floor, making a mess and a dangerous obstacle as you get ready in the morning. Anyone that has every stepped on the “peg” side of a belt buckle will understand what I am getting at.

Accessory Racks

So without any further ado, I would like to present this week’s “Tie Rack of the Week”, which is an accessory rack made by the folks over at Interdesign. This rack is perfect because it has a compact size that fits easily into closets whether they are large or small. The hook design of the accessory rack makes it easy to hang from a closet rod, taking up very little space. The rack offers a total of fourteen hooks, which are perfect for holding not only ties, but belts, scarves and other formal wear accessories. Made from metal with a chrome finish, this rack is easy to spot among the other hangers in your closet.

A Brief History of the Necktie

We all wear them from time to time, little decorative collars that hang down our chest, adding a little bit of “flare” to our outfit. Maybe it is for church, business, celebration or whatever, but every man at some point has to clumsily attempt to pull off the Double Windsor and wear the old necktie. Maybe as you are strangling yourself while you try to tighten the knot, or frustratingly tying and untying the knot to get it at the correct length you have though to yourself, “Why am I wearing this contraptions anyways?!?!”

Well of course, like anything in fashion the modern tie sprang up after Parisians took a liking to the decorative garb of a group of Croatian mercenaries from the Croatian Military Frontier. After the French adopted it and called the early necktie a “cravat”, a full-fledged fashion craze swept the continent of Europe – and it wasn’t just for guys either.

Around the 19th century the tie had become a staple of formal wear, and in fact several publications were released specifying the proper way to tie and wear your cravat. At this time they were merely a proto-necktie, much more decorative and even sometimes lacy, and worn at quite a bit shorter length. But then along came the Industrial Revolution and the need for a more practical, durable and most importantly, comfortable tie and the modern necktie was born. Since then the style and preferred length of ties has morphed and melded with the ever-changing tide of fashion, but has basically retained its general form.

Now, I’m not sure how they ever stored all of their neckties back in the 19th and early 20th century, but today there are a wide variety of tie racks available, from wall mounted racks made of cedar up to motorized tie racks that rotate around and allow you to find your tie easily. Whatever your need, be sure to keep those ties hung up and looking great because nothing is worse than a frazzled tie!

Tie Rack of the Week – Auto-Rotating Tie Rack

As the Holidays are fast approaching (well, they have already approached – some of us are mid-holiday), I think the time is just about right for another installment of the popular “Tie Rack of the Week” series. Today I want to highlight a tie rack that is great for anyone that has wears ties on a daily basis and also has a large collection of ties to sort through in the morning.

Most tie racks follow a simple design – a wall mounted piece of wood with various pegs installed throughout, offering a place to hang your tie. Or, maybe it is a wood hanger with pegs on either side, also where you hang your ties. The problem with these tie racks is that they do not “grip” the ties very well, and often result in lots of ties scattered all over the closet floor.

Ties all over!

Another issue with simple, run-of-the-mill tie racks is that they do not offer very good visibility once you have reached a critical mass of ties. There is nothing more frustrating than getting ready in the morning, running late for a big meeting, and not being able to find the perfect tie to match up with your hound’s-tooth sports coat! Because the tie racks do not offer any separation between the individual ties, it all looks like a colorful, patterned bowl of spaghetti mounted to the wall or hanging in the closet.

The best solution for organizing a large tie collection is the Tie-O-Matic Motorized Tie Rack (love that name!), because it provides organized tie storage, makes it quick and easy to find the exact tie you are looking for, and really “grips” the ties and ensures they stay on the rack, not on the floor.

Tie Racks

The tie rack is able to hold an outstanding and unbelievable amount of ties – 64 total, hung from individual “hooks” that keep the tie secure in the rack. With the simple push of the button, the ties rotate around the tie rack and as they turn, show the pattern of the tie clearly, making each tie easily identifiable and quick to pick out.

This tie rack makes a great gift, and is not just for men either! It works great for lighter-weight women’s accessories like sashes, scarves, belts and more!

Tie Rack Blog: Great Gift Guide for the Professional

Is your husband always busy at work and you are not sure of what to get him this year for the holiday season? One great gift for those with hard-working business professionals is a spin on the old cliché of “get Dad a tie” – instead of an actual tie, which he surely has plenty of get him a convenient and practical tie rack this year!

Not only is a it a great gift for him, a tie rack is a great way to add organization to the closet and keep those ties off the floor, making it a bit of a gift for you, too!

There are a wide variety of tie racks available all over the internet. The first step is to decide which tie rack is the most appropriate for your man.

Maybe he is a lawyer or financial adviser and has the sort of job which requires ties every single day. This would mean he needs a whole lot of ties. In that case you would want to get a tie rack that has a lot of capacity.

On the other hand, maybe he does not wear ties daily, but prefers to wear them for special occasions.  In this case a smaller tie rack is probably acceptable and you can start to look for special features that set it apart from standard tie racks.

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Tie Racks Gifts of all Sizes!

Tie racks make a great gift for any dapper and sophisticated gentleman. Not only do they provide a convenient place to store your favorite neckties, they also ensure that the ties stay in a safe place, free from getting wrinkled or even damaged.

The only issue is that some of us are more tie-dependent than others – for some men a 10-tie organizer does the trick just fine, while others will need something a little more heavy duty. Here are a couple of tie racks of various sizes, perfect for finding the ideal gift for your favorite guy (there’s nothing wrong with you if that guy just so happens to be yourself).

This wooden peg tie rack is a great example of a very simple wall mounted tie rack, and is able to hold 36 ties. Good for large collections of lower-end ties.





Made from metal, the Wall Mounted 30 Tie Organizer is perfect for high-end ties and with a capacity of 30 ties, should accommodate most collections. It includes little clips to hold your ties in place, which is great for preserving their appearance.

Wall Mounted Tie Rack














Finally, for those that have a smaller collection of ties, the Accessory Rack is an excellent choice. This metal rack has an attractive chrome finish and is designed to hold anything, from ties to belts and more!

Accessory Rack











Men’s Valet – A Review By Clive Oxford

I’m a powerful business executive, so I know just how important it is to look my best. My clothing needs to be wrinkle free and immaculate. Keeping business attire in incredible shape can sometimes try your patience, and organizing these clothes can be cumbersome. It doesn’t have to be that way – all you need is a men’s valet.

I have a suggestion for those working in the business sector, with a closet full of business attire: consider a fine storage option for your attire, also known as a men’s valet.

They are functional, stylish, and best of all, they make the day to day process of preparing for your day at the office all the more simple.  You can hang suits, belts, pants, trousers, socks, almost every facet of your business attire from a valet.  They remain organized, free of wrinkles, and ready for you when you need them.

Men's Valet


Where do I find this “men’s valet”?

I purchased a fine model online from a dependable online retailer, Stacks and Stacks, but you can find a men’s valet almost anywhere that sells fine furniture.

The model I chose features dependability and a classic look. It handily fits into my closet, and every night I can set out my items to wear for the next morning.  It really helps speed me along to that first meeting, knowing I look my best, and didn’t need to waste time selecting clothing for the day.

What is a nice side benefit to a well designed and fully-functional men’s valet is a seat.  Yes, having a seat whilst placing shoes upon your feet is a real comfort.  You may also find it convenient to place your wallet, jewelry, or other personal items into the myriad shelves or holding areas of the valet.

As a top executive, I needed to find a dependable men’s valet for my clothing. I discovered a perfect model online, and utilized the valet to make my clothing storage and organization easier.

You can too.

Awesome Homemade Tie Rack Alert!

That’s right, people, brace yourself because we are at a full force AHTRA (Awesome Homemade Tie Rack Alert)!! How many of you faithful readers remember this post from a few months back, Displaying your Tie Collection in Style?

In that post we featured a picture of a homemade tie shelving system.

Well, faithful Tie Racks Blog follower Neuron84 was so very inspired by this incredibly homemade tie storage system, he (or she) decided to go ahead and give making a homemade tie rack the old college try. The experiment was a great success, so much so that Neuron84 posted a picture of the rack s/he built down in the comments. However not all of you read the comments of the posts (tsk, tsk!) but I wanted to make sure that all of you saw it, because it looks awesome!

Homemade Tie Rack from Neuron84

I am seriously impressed with this incredible closet storage accessory! Not only does this homemade tie rack provide ample storage for ties (and, sweet collection of neckware by the way) but the extra spaces it offers can be used for watches, cufflinks, cologne and other handy closet storage! Neuron84 – I tip my hat to you!

Let’s see what the audience thinks of this homemade tie rack after the jump:

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Multi-Purpose Alert!!


So, my coworker gave me this great idea of multi-purpose use for tie racks. Once I started looking, there were lots of products for kitchen organization that would be great for tie racks oddly enough.


The winner of the most unpredictable kitchen storage item as a tie rack is the under the cabinet cup holder!


Now, I know you don’t hang your ties in the kitchen but if you are anything like my dad and brothers, you will use anything from the kitchen if it works. My dad has used my mom’s liquid funnels and hand mixer and beaters all for a cement project. For some reason, kitchen products just seem to work well.


I think this cup holder will be a great tie rack hanging from a closet shelf. You can’t buy a tie rack for as cheap as this cup holder is. There are 5 hooks on each side, allowing you to hold an ample amount of ties, scarves or belts.


So, keep in mind that you may have household items around the house that could work perfect for something else. If you have any other multi-purpose alerts let me know and we’ll post them up for others to take advantage of!