Closet Odor Control to Limit Dry Cleaning Trips

One thing that I find difficult when it comes to tie storage is keeping your tie smelling fresh. Ties are one of those unique pieces of clothing which cannot be run through the wash when they get smelly. They need to be taken to the dry cleaner, which can be a huge inconvenience when you do not have one nearby. Luckily there are some preventative measures you can take for closet odor control. When you control the odors in your closet you ensure that your ties do not start to stink. This will avoid unnecessary and costly trips to the dry cleaners all the time.

It really is not hard to ensure your closet stays odor-free at all times. The steps you need to take for closet odor control are so simple; you will wonder why you have not been doing them this whole time. While it is not as easy as just inserting some car-fresheners into your closet (though that may just work), it is pretty close to being that easy. The first step you need to take is log onto your computer and fire up

When you look at their selection of clothing care items, you may notice that there are some strange looking wood blocks available. Those strange looking wood blocks are the key to having a successful closet odor control campaign. You see, these simple little wood blocks are made from cedar wood, which are a staple when it comes to clothing storage.

Closet Odor Control

These little cedar wood blocks emit a pleasant “wood-y” aroma, which permeates throughout the closet and the contents of your closet. The fresh smell is a great way to achieve closet odor control, driving out the musty smell of clothing that is stored in an enclosed space for long periods of time.

Not only do these cedar blocks keep your clothing smelling fresh, they also ward off fabric-eating insects such as moths. So do yourself a favor and pick up some Cedar Aroma Blocks for your closet odor control today!


Necktie Storage of the Rich and Famous

I was thinking the other day about how much I hate to wear ties. And then I started to think about famous people whose trademark style includes wearing a tie. This ranges from bow-ties to standard neckties – how can those people be comfortable wearing ties all of the time? And when they get home, what kind of necktie storage do they use?

I am thinking about people like James Bond, the Nutty Professor, Pee-Wee Herman, Donald Trump – you know the type. They are really cartoon-y people that love their ties.

I also started to wonder if these famous people ever get frustrated tying their tie in the morning. For me, it usually takes 2-3 attempts before I get the tie at the perfect length with a nice, tight little knot at the top. Usually the tie is too long, too short, the knot too sloppy or tight as a clam. But if you were wearing a tie every single day, do you think you would be better at tying your tie? Or would you just experience a ton of frustration in the morning?

Do celebritiesNecktie Storage have necktie storage issues like I do?

I wonder if they get frustrated with their necktie storage. Do their ties fall to the floor all of the time, getting wrinkled and trampled at the bottom of the closet? Does James Bond use his fancy spy-toy manufacturers to build him the ultimate tie rack? I’m sure Donald Trump just hires someone to stand in his closet and hold his ties for him. Maybe someone ties the Trump’s ties for him? That doesn’t really explain why he is so cranky all of the time though.

Anyways, as a normal person who can only afford the simplest forms of necktie storage, I prefer to use a cedar tie rack. It is simple, inexpensive, and effective. Plus it mounts right to the wall, saving me valuable closet space.


Wall Mounted Tie Rack: A Must-Have After an Interview

Here is a question for my faithful tie-rack loving readers: Have you ever had a job interview in the summer? Without question, it is the single worst time of the year to put a job on the line with the way your appearance. All that hot weather and uncomfortable formal-wear always leads to a sweat-fest for me. This makes it even more important to get a proper wall mounted tie rack to store your ties and let them dry off.

I remember one of my first interviews right out of college that did not go particularly well due to the heat. I had just moved to Boston, Massachusetts and this California boy was in no way prepared for the thick blanket of humidity that hangs over the Eastern Seaboard.

I took the “T” train system to my interview, which was a few neighborhoods over. This involved walking about a half mile to the train station, awkwardly carrying my suit jacket and resume. By the time I get to the train, it is sweat-city for me. Luckily the train had some not-so-bad air conditioning, and I cooled down on the way there.

I thought I was smart to not wear my tie until I arrived at my destination, however I was wrong. Trying to tie a tie in that thick summer air made me even sweatier than walking to the train! And then I didn’t have a train AC to cool me down.

Once I got my tie on and finally found the office for my interview (it was in a vast medical complex), I was pretty uncomfortable and looked the part. The interviewers were nice and while the interview went okay, I definitely did not get the job.

Wall Mounted Tie Rack

Cedar Tie Rack by Woodlore

This story is only going to get worse without a wall mounted tie rack!

To make matters worse, when I got home my sweaty-wet tie did not have a good place to be stored, like a wall mounted tie rack. So I just tried to hang it over a closet rod, where it promptly fell without me noticing. Two days later I find my tie balled up in the closet with sweat-stains and all wrinkled. Now the jobless broke kid is out a tie.

So if you have an interview this summer, I would recommend driving or taking a cab to the interview and avoid walking. There is nothing more embarrassing than being uncomfortably sweaty and hot in an interview, and the interviewer will notice!

And when you get home, be sure to use a wall mounted tie rack to keep your ties looking great for the next interview! This Cedar Tie Rack is the perfect option!

Cedar Tie Racks: Save your Sweater

When holiday season comes around it is time to bust out the old Yuletide sweaters! You know, the ones that you keep bordered up in the back of your closet all year just wear a few times for this special season of the year. If you have a lot of clothing made from natural fibers, a constant threat to your garments are moths and their insatiable hunger for all things wooly. Finding your favorite ironic sweater totally tunneled through on the collar and sleeves could very well derail your entire holiday experience.

One of the best ways to keep moths away from your clothes is using cedar blocks – plus they add that great “I just came out of the woods after chopping down trees” smell! One great way to add function and cedar to your closet and protect those sentimentally valuable sweaters is to use a cedar Tie Rack!

There are a wide variety of cedar tie racks that come in different shapes and sizes. For example, this tie rack hangs from your closet pole, providing a powerful blast of cedar to the nearby clothing while offering a place to store up to 40 ties!

Hanging Tie Rack







Another great option is to use a wall mounted tie rack such as the one seen below. This rack offers a little less storage but is a more permanent fixture in the closet. What is great about this tie rack is that it is on a stable surface, so ties will not be constantly falling to the floor, which can often be the case with hanging tie racks.

Wall Mounted Tie Rack





By using these tie racks that are made from cedar you can help ward away unwanted sweater-eating creepy crawlers like moths. At the same time adding excellent storage and organization to your closet, this is a win-win decision!

Tie Racks For More Than Ties

As the fearless leader of the Tie Racks Blog, I like to try out products that can have more than one function.  It is always fun to think outside of the box with something and imagine its capabilities beyond its intended use.  Thinking creatively is a helpful skill when undertaking any home organizing project.  I have put this skill to use with plastic totes, drawer organizers and even wall shelves (which I used to create a climbing system for my indoor cat).

Tie Racks

Cedar Tie Racks are perfect for a variety of organization purposes.

Unique Idea for Tie Racks

Recently I went searching for a tie rack for my husband.  He is an avid collector of neck ties and owns just about any style you can image.  From funky vintage neckties to funny themed ones, he covers the whole gamut of neck tie couture.

I decided to get him a Woodlore brand cedar tie rack because it has a simple and highly functional design.  We actually combined multiple tie racks side by side along the wall to accommodate his whole collection.  Even though this wall mount tie rack has a great capacity (twenty four) he owns more ties than the average man.

Once I saw what a great job this wall mounted neck tie rack did at organizing his fashion accessories, I got to thinking about other places I could use it around the house.

My first thought was necklaces.  Aha!  I can’t stand how my necklaces get tangled in the jewelry box.  And having them hanging would make selection so much easier.  And then I thought, Well why not bracelets too?  Done.  Then I realized I could use one of these wall racks to hang garden hand tools in the shed.  They already have little notches for hanging, but I made loops with leather rope to give them more freedom to dangle.

Once you get the hang of it, the practice of “re-purposing” objects can be a lot of fun!  Start looking around your home, at your favorite organizers, and imagine them being useful in a new way that you never saw before.

Tie Rack Review – Cedar Rack

In the world of business, it is important to have a wide selection of ties at your disposal. And with all of those ties, comes a natural need for a tie rack. Think about it. You need:

Ties for power meetings

Ties for informal meetings

Ties for boardroom presentations.

This adds up to many, many ties. Organizing these ties can be cumbersome. It doesn’t have to be – all you need is the perfect tie rack to fix your situation.

I have a suggestion for my fellow business-minded readers with an abundance of ties: this suggestion can also assist the casual career type who has, for one reason or another, found themselves with a varied and plentiful selection of ties.  My suggestion, quite simply, is to find yourself a cedar tie rack. Particularly one with brass pegs.

Tie Rack

Cedar Tie Rack with Brass Pegs


“Why a Cedar Tie Rack?”

You may be asking yourself this question. And let me tell you why:

Because cedar is an aromatic wood – additionally, it is beautiful and long lasting.

Your closet will avoid the trapping of a musty, dank smelling clothing repository with a nice piece of cedar bolted to the wall.

“And Why Brass on my Tie Rack?”

This may be another question you have.

Because brass features dependability, strength, and a classic look. 24 pegs, because studies have shown that a successful businessman should have a top roster of 24 ties at his disposal, readily accessible. For the non-businessman, the option of hanging up to 24 ties of varying quality is a nice comfort, and will certainly help in the selection of a tie, on that rare occasion that a tie is needed.

What is a nice side benefit to a cedar tie rack with 24 brass pegs is the option to hang your keys or belts from the rack’s side hooks.  You may also find it convenient to place you wallet, jewelry, or other personal items on the well-placed top shelf built into the tie rack.

As a businessman, I needed to find a classic, dependable rack for my ties. I found the perfect cedar constructed tie rack, and utilized it to make my personal tie selection, storage, and organization easier.

You can too. Get your cedar tie rack at Stacks and Stacks!

By Mitchel Murray