Hanging Belt Storage: Throwing Ya’ll For a Loop

Here on the Tie Racks Blog, we tend to stick to discussing ways to store your ties and other formal attire. While it may seem like a bit of a banal subject to base an entire blog on, that is not true. In fact, it is a very banal subject to base an entire blog on! So today instead of talking about tie storage, I am going to go off the beaten track a bit and talk about hanging belt storage.

Hopefully I do not alienate my dedicated Tie Rack fan base by going off of the beaten path a bit. If you are offended by this excursion into the world of belt storage, please bear with me. I assure you that there is much to be gleaned when it comes to hanging belt storage and the ways in which it can make your life easier.

Hanging Belt StorageNothing is worse than not knowing where your belt is. Unlike a tie, which is easy to forgo, going beltless can be a huge mistake. First of all, many of us have pants that are a size too big, or maybe even more if you have recently lost weight. In these cases a belt is absolutely mandatory for everyday attire. If you cannot find your belt you could be looking at a world of hurt. In fact, I have seen people improvise with belts made from rope, internet cables and even file clips!

Of course, these jerry-rigged belts are certainly the furthest from being formal wear. In fact, this is something you would expect to see in some backwater small-town where the only issue of GQ you can find is a 6 year old quarterly fashion report in the dentist-slash-plumber’s office. You definitely do not want to come off as being of this mindset, right? In order to avoid this embarrassing look, just use hanging belt storage in your closet to keep looking sharp.

For those that need to upgrade their hanging belt storage, look no further than the Cedar Belt Keeper. This belt rack offers four hooks, which should be plenty of space to store all of your belts.