Traveling Tie Storage for Out of Town Formal Events

Well I am going on the road to a very important encyclopedia salesman conference in the great state of Nebraska. Off to Wichita where I will meet with fellow traveling book salesman that specialize in selling these incredible reference books to people all over the country. Of course, I want to impress all of my peers by looking my most incredible, so it is important for me to have the proper traveling tie storage.

You see, the encyclopedia salesman conference is actually quite a shallow place. In order to get the best book deals, you need to look sharp as a tack and be as witty as a fox. Well I certainly have no issue in the latter category, but sometimes I look – how should I put it – frumpy. I definitely need every advantage I can get to look my very best, and that includes getting high quality traveling tie storage.

Traveling Tie StorageLuckily the week before I was set to travel halfway across the country to the big annual convention, I found the perfect traveling tie storage. While having a neatly pressed tie is only one small piece of the looking-great puzzle, it is definitely an important one. When you walk up to someone behind the card tables and greet them, from their vantage point the tie is the first thing they see. If you have a stained, wrinkled or frayed tie, you can kiss that sweet encyclopedia Britannica contract good bye.

The traveling tie storage that came to my attention is the Deluxe Tie Case. This leather traveling tie storage accessory is very compact, so it fits easily into your luggage. This leather tie case is very pliable so it can be stuffed into your suitcase, as long as you keep it flat and don’t fold it.

The leather exterior is pretty stylish too, which is important in the occurrence that I bring a beautiful Bible saleswoman back to my room after the Reference Mixer Hour. I just can’t have something like polyester or faux-leather cramping my style!