Travel Watch Case for a 19th Century Time Piece

Travel Watch CaseI received a really great watch for Christmas. I do not consider myself to really be much of a watch-wearer (I mean, these days almost everyone just uses their phone as a time piece). However this wasn’t just some fancy-pants Cartier or Rolex watch – no this was a vintage time piece that my great-grandfather wore in World War One. I knew that to keep this watch in all of its antique glory I would need the appropriate travel watch case whenever I went on the road.

And as a traveling encyclopedia salesman by day and men’s organizational blogger by night, I need to take that watch on the road with frequency. As in, I spend about three quarters of my lifetime on the road, and the rest in my small bachelor apartment in El Monte, CA. So I need a travel watch case that not only provides unmatched protection, it also has the strength to last through repeated uses.

Luckily Ragar, a company that makes some of my favorite men’s storage items, has an amazing  Leather Travel Watch Case that is perfect for my needs. This travel case is made with genuine leather, giving it an upscale look that is almost the equal to my early 20th century watch.

The case has two metallic snaps that keep the travel case firmly closed. There is nothing more distressing to a traveler then opening the valise and discovering that your watch has slid out along your steel toed Doc Martins! Who knows what kind of scratching damage can occur from just one minor slip-up?  The snaps on this travel watch case deftly prevent that from happening every single time.

Well this travel watch case is perfect for my needs, and I am glad that I found it. I have a long trip ahead of me into Ohio, the Winter Vortex and the great unknown. Wish me luck for I may never see the sunny skies of Southern California again.

Formalwear Storage Options For Any Man’s Needs

Formalwear storageThere are many ways for a man to keep his bedroom neat and organized. While this blog tends to focus only on the ways in which you can hang your tie, there are many other choices when it comes to finding the perfect organization for your bedroom and closet. These formalwear storage options range from racks to stands and come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and finishes.

Formalwear storage is very important to get right; otherwise you will be looking at costly dry cleaning costs. Or worse, you could outright ruing your suit and other formal accessories and actually need to replace them. That can be much more costly than just getting some appropriate formalwear storage options from the outset.

3 Unique  yet practical formalwear storage optionsFormalwear Storage

The Oxford Valet with Chrome Hardware is a great piece of formalwear storage, offering style and organization. This valet includes a pants bar, a hanger for coats and a tray for loose change, your wallet and your phone.

Another great choice for formalwear storage is the Landon Wooden Dresser Top Valet. This is a simple and compact way to really transform your formalwear storage situation. This valet is made from wood and provides a place to keep loose items like watches and rings, plus a small drawer to keep valuable items.

Formalwear StorageLastly, use this Deluxe Tie Case to keep your ties organized when you are on the go. This formalwear storage is important because when travel with ties, you do not want to arrive at the destination with a wrinkled, messy tie. That leads to emergency visits to the dry cleaners, which can be a difficult task if you are on a tight time schedule.

There you have three great formalwear storage options that keep you organized in the bedroom and looking your very best at all times!

A Holiday Wardrobe Valet from Great Uncle Stewart

I got a great gift this Christmas that I just cannot wait to tell you all about. It is pretty perfect for this blog, as it relates to organizing and storing formalwear such as ties. What I am talking about is the wardrobe valet that I got from my Great Uncle Stewart this year.

Old Uncle Stewie is known to be a bit of a crotchety old man, the kind of guy that scowls at children playing and laughs at a stray balloon floating away from a playground. No shock to anyone that he is single and has remained a bachelor for his entire 70 year existence.

But the one thing about Stewart that really defines his persona is his sharp sense of fashion. You’d think a grumpy old man that has been single his whole life could not care less about the ebb and flow of fashion – but not old Stew. No he is always at the forefront of haute couture. And he wants to make sure the rest of his family follows suit.

Wardrobe ValetOf course, he has been bitterly let down by most of the rest of my family. But he must have seen something in me that made him decide to gift me a wardrobe valet. Maybe it is my snappy holiday ties, or my Tommy Bahama shirts that I love to wear to family gatherings.

But anyways I got this amazing Proman Lancaster Wardrobe Valet to store my ties, slacks and shirts on. It is made from solid wood, giving it an extra-durable quality and an eye-catching appearance that looks amazing in my bedroom.

The wardrobe valet includes features such as a built in tray, a PVC-covered pants bar, and a jacket hanger to keep my suit fresh and wrinkle-free. Now the next step is to go out and buy a suit…