Tie Rack Buying Guide For the Fed-Up Spouse

Oh man, there are only 4 more shopping days before Christmas! That means if you have been slacking off on your man’s shopping list, then it is high time to kick right into action. I mean, what have you been doing all of December? Napping after eating too much turkey on Thanksgiving? Here is a Tie Rack Buying Guide to help you wade through the vicious world of shopping for a middle-aged man.

Sorry for the tough love up there – I actually do understand your predicament a bit. I mean, he doesn’t have a ton of hobbies outside of working and gardening, so that eliminates that well. He always has the most state of the art electronic device, so there is no way you can get him the latest-greatest electronic. He doesn’t give a lick about fashion, so you could go the boring route and just get him some shirts and underwear, but what kind of spouse does something like that?

Tie Rack Buying GuideSo you are pretty much out of options. Luckily, his job forces him to wear a nice pressed tie every day so maybe a new storage device for all his ties is in order? Let us take a look at this tie rack buying guide so you can find the perfect accessory for his closet.

My favorite tie racks are ones that rotate and provide ample storage for your ties. These racks are pretty cool because they are modern and state of the art, giving him another electronic device that he never even thought of!

Another great rack for men that need to wear business clothing to work is a belt rack such as this Cedar Belt Rack from Woodlore. The rack is sturdy and made with a cedar wood backing, which helps eliminate odors and keep clothing smelling fresh as a forest!

With these two items off of my tie rack buying guide, you will certainly impress the man in your life!



Closet Odor Control to Limit Dry Cleaning Trips

One thing that I find difficult when it comes to tie storage is keeping your tie smelling fresh. Ties are one of those unique pieces of clothing which cannot be run through the wash when they get smelly. They need to be taken to the dry cleaner, which can be a huge inconvenience when you do not have one nearby. Luckily there are some preventative measures you can take for closet odor control. When you control the odors in your closet you ensure that your ties do not start to stink. This will avoid unnecessary and costly trips to the dry cleaners all the time.

It really is not hard to ensure your closet stays odor-free at all times. The steps you need to take for closet odor control are so simple; you will wonder why you have not been doing them this whole time. While it is not as easy as just inserting some car-fresheners into your closet (though that may just work), it is pretty close to being that easy. The first step you need to take is log onto your computer and fire up StacksandStacks.com

When you look at their selection of clothing care items, you may notice that there are some strange looking wood blocks available. Those strange looking wood blocks are the key to having a successful closet odor control campaign. You see, these simple little wood blocks are made from cedar wood, which are a staple when it comes to clothing storage.

Closet Odor Control

These little cedar wood blocks emit a pleasant “wood-y” aroma, which permeates throughout the closet and the contents of your closet. The fresh smell is a great way to achieve closet odor control, driving out the musty smell of clothing that is stored in an enclosed space for long periods of time.

Not only do these cedar blocks keep your clothing smelling fresh, they also ward off fabric-eating insects such as moths. So do yourself a favor and pick up some Cedar Aroma Blocks for your closet odor control today!


Holiday Travel Storage for You and Your Ties

This year for Thanksgiving I traveled to visit some of my in-laws. Now, I love my extended family, but let’s just say we don’t have a whole lot in common with each other. They are from the East Coast (Long Island to be exact), and believe it or not, people out there can be a bit more traditional than this laid-back Southern California guy. I am used to wearing a pair of flip flops and a Tommy Bahama shirt on Turkey Day, not a three-piece Italian suit! I needed to bring some Holiday travel storage to keep my formalwear looking sharp and up to their traditional standards.

So the story starts when my wife tells me we are flying to New York for the weekend. It has been a few years since we visited her family during the holidays. And with good reason – who knew it was so cold and miserable out there? Not only did I need to think long and hard about the right kind of holiday travel storage I needed, but I also needed to review my winter-coat inventory. This amounts to just one old winter coat that I used to wear in college.

Holiday Travel StorageSo as we got packed for the trip my wife casually mentions just how, well, un-casual Thanksgiving is at her parent’s house. Slacks, a coat and of course a snazzy tie is pretty standard around those parts this time of the year. So instead of just packing up all of my stuff in a briefcase, I knew I needed to supplement my holiday travel storage with my handy-dandy Deluxe Tie Case.

What is great about this tie case is that if fits right in with your holiday travel storage and provides a wrinkle-free environment for your ties. There is nothing worse than getting to freezing-cold New York and realize you are going to have to make a bunch of trips to the dry-cleaners to get your ties pressed.

And considering I am here writing this post after Thanksgiving, you know that I survived this trip. I even managed to avoid dipping my tie in the mashed peas!