Valet Stand Provides Upscale Styling for Classy Guys

A few weeks ago we discussed some of the best upscale storage options for gentlemen with refined taste. The need to have the best storage for your clothing and accessories is very important to upscale gentlemen, so there is no cutting around the corners. Well I came across an amazing new valet stand that provides excellent storage for all of your accessories, from ties to watches and more!

This men’s valet is not all that much different than your standard rack, though it has an incredible solid wood construction. The detailed curves on the top of this men’s valet give it an eye-catching appearance, perfect for enhancing the already impeccable décor of your bedroom. The deep mahogany finish of this valet stand looks great in any setting, and makes your bedroom something a true gentleman would be proud of.

Valet StandThe valet stand that I am talking about doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to titles. Simple called the “Valet Stand”, this storage accessory provides so much more than its title lets on. This valet stand includes a small box that is perfect for keeping your phone and your other accessories safe from the reaching hands of your butler or cleaning crew.

Other features of this valet stand include a bar for storing your ties (hence the mention on Tie Racks Blog) and a tray for storing other small items. The storage versatility this incredible bedroom valet stand provides everything a man needs to keep his bedroom organized. Anyone that sees your bedroom after adding this stand will think “My goodness gracious, what a gentleman!”

So now that you have some guidance as to how to keep your bedroom and accessories organized, you are ready to go be a true upscale gentleman. So just take my advice and stick with the Valet Stand – your upscale credentials will appreciate it!

Cedar Tie Storage: The Best A Man Can Get

I know we have discussed this topic a few times over the years, but I think it the time is nigh to discuss it again. What is “it” that I am talking about? Well, it is the fact that cedar tie storage is the best way to ensure your ties and other accessories are well organized and stay in excellent condition.

The first and most obvious benefit to cedar tie storage is that most racks are made from solid wood. This solid wood construction makes the racks extremely durable. It is important to have sturdy and substantial products when you store your ties. When you have cheap materials storing your expensive ties, you end up getting poor results. I’m talking snags in the tie’s weave and ties falling haphazardly to the floor.

Behind this first and most obvious benefit of cedar tie storage; there is a second hidden benefit. That thing which makes cedar tie storage better than your run of the mill tie racks cannot be seen with the eye. No, this “special gift” requires that the owner use a second sense, his sense of smell.

Cedar Tie StorageThe strong wood-y odor that the rack emits is a great asset in clothing storage. Not only does it keep your ties safe from the jaws of fabric-loving insects such as moths, but it also protects other clothing in your closet. You see, closets allow the cedar scent to dissipate throughout, spreading a layer over all of your other clothing. This makes them taste disgusting to the aforementioned fabric eaters. Or it does something such as that. I really have no idea how cedar works.

Do not spend a bunch of times surfing the internet in search of the best cedar tie storage products. In fact, I have the answer right here. Just keep reading… because the optimum cedar tie storage rack is known as the Cedar Tie Rack, naturally.