Proper Tie Storage for an Out of Town Guest

Today I have a friend of mine visiting. Well, he really isn’t coming down to visit me and my wife but he is coming down to Los Angeles for a job interview.  As you know, it is important to look your best when you are going to have a job interview. This is a very important interview for my friend, as he has been looking for work for the last few months to little success (I mean, who has had any success looking for a job these days?). Anyways, to his horror he realized he forgot his tie at home! Luckily I have a whole bunch of amazing ties that I have stowed away in proper tie storage.

So even though he had a bit of a heart attack this morning getting ready for his interview, everything turned out alright. He looked sharp and ready to seize the day, and I got a chance to show off some of the best practices for proper tie storage. It was really a learning experience for all of us. Actually, I take that back it was only a learning experience for him. It was a teaching experience for me.

A proper tie storage teaching experience! Something I do not take lightly, that is to be sure. Most of the time I am teaching amazing tie storage tips to a bunch of strangers, whom I never get to see the faces of. But today, I got to teach one of my very best friends about the importance of proper tie storage! What a day!

I told him about how important it is to have a tie rack that keeps your ties off the ground, and a tie rack that is able to grip your ties in a firm but not too-tight manner. That way your ties do not get dimples and creases in them.  Of course my tie rack of choice is the Friction Tie Rack Hanger.

Proper Tie Storage

Friction Tie Rack

Tie Travel Tips: Lookin’ Great at a Wedding

Last week I had to take a week off from Tie Racks Blog in order to attend a wedding. Of course, I wore a very slick looking tie to the wedding. There is little doubt in my mind that I was the sharpest looking dude at the wedding. Part of the reason I looked so great is definitely due to the great tie rack travel tips I have dispensed in my time as the proprietor of this incredible blog.

I surely would not have looked as good at the ceremony and reception if I had just stuffed the tie into my luggage. I would have had a wrinkled tie that looks all sloppy, or I could have run out to the dry cleaner in the day or two before the wedding and gotten it pressed. But that would have cost me time and money, both of which I didn’t want to waste while I was on vacation. Instead that money was saved for pizza and beer.

Tie Travel TipsIt is important to look great at weddings, because you are potentially meeting people that will become part of your life forever. Think about it – two families, some of them very large, merging together to create one huge hyper family. When I say family of course, I am not being literal. These families I am talking about extend all the way from mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters down to cousins and college roommates, childhood friends down to coworkers.

So you can see how relieved I was to have a ridiculous amount of tie rack travel tips at my disposal. Instead of being stressed about how I look or whether my tie is looking sharp, I can focus on meeting new people. I can focus on making a bond with them that will last for years and years. Man, tie travel tips are a great thing to know a lot about. I used the Deluxe Tie Case to get my ties to and from the wedding.


If you have any big weddings on the horizon, keep in mind all of the great tie travel tips I have written about on this very blog.

Upscale Storage for Every Upscale Gentleman

Even though most of the time on this blog we discuss tie racks (hence the very literal name), sometimes it is important to talk about those luxury items every upscale gentleman needs in his bedroom. Of course every refined man knows he needs a set of scotch glasses, a personalized cigar cutter, perhaps a pair of Bottega Veneta slippers, and of course a cashmere bath robe. Not only do you need all of these items, you need upscale storage for them as well.

But what to do with that fine Italian suit you wear to your job consulting for a 7 trillion dollar hedge fund when you finally are ready to relax? After a long day of trimming the budget by firing countless peons, you need to ensure your suits and ties are given as good of care as you give yourself.

Upscale StorageEnter the Deluxe Espresso Valet Stand, a sturdy wood gentleman’s valet that is perfect for storing and organizing all of your items. Not only is this an attractive valet stand, it provides incredible organization and storage for your items. This is a piece of upscale storage that you cannot afford to miss out on.

There is a mirror at the top of the valet, so you can be sure that you get all of those nose and ear hairs when you are grooming. Below the mirror is a padded hanger, perfect for your jacket. A metal bar is perfect for storing finely woven slacks. There is even a small drawer at the bottom so you can store your tie tacks and buttons.

In other words, this is the perfect upscale storage for the perfect upscale gentleman. With this valet you won’t need to worry about your clothing becoming wrinkled and disheveled. In fact, this upscale storage piece is a great way to make yourself even more of a sophisticated man about town!

Travel Tie Storage for Your Holiday Vacation

As we are now fully immersed in the fall season and winter is quickly approaching, it is time to start thinking about your winter plans. Perhaps during the holiday season you prefer to hang out at home with the immediate family. Others feel coerced to make the long trip to spend time with the in-laws or extended family. If you are going on a long trip this season, it is important to use the most advanced travel tie storage products for your journey.

When you hear the term advanced travel tie storage, you may get the heebie-jeebies about having to purchase some state of the art tie rack. Something that uses mechanical processes to keep your ties organized and in good shape. This sounds like a very expensive product, one that will break the bank right before the holiday season.

Travel Tie StorageOf course, you are already tight for money, so spending a ton of cash on advanced travel tie storage does not sound like a very practical endeavor. I mean, you are already breaking the bank for this trip and all of the gifts you have to get for the cousins, aunts, uncles and more. Luckily, I have some good news in regards to the travel tie storage that is available right now.

Instead of spending a ton of money on your travel tie storage, go with a simple choice. The deluxe tie case is the perfect way to get your tie from point A to point B without getting wrinkled in your suitcase. This tie case is made from top grain leather, giving it a luxurious appearance and feel. The case is able to accommodate up to six ties, which is plenty for any holiday journey.

This advanced travel tie storage is actually quite simple. Sometimes it takes a basic idea to provide the most state of the art storage for your formal wear accessories.