Classic Tie Storage for the Autumn Weather

As the fall approaches, I can breathe a sigh of relief; it is finally cool enough out to comfortably wear a tie! For months I have been choking on my tie, staining it with sweat as I walk from the office to the coffee shop across the street. To celebrate this great turn of the weather, I want discuss some classic tie storage options that are available these days.

Classic Tie StorageAnd just like the autumn is the perfect weather to wear your favorite ties, classic tie storage is the perfect way to store your favorite ties. The great thing about these kinds of tie storage options is that they provide easy-to-use function.  Classic tie storage can be wall mounted or hung from center closet rod, making it easy to install and use.

The first great classic tie storage option is the Tie and Belt Hanger. Not only is this one of the greatest classic tie racks out there, it is one of the most simple. This hanger simply is placed on the center closet rod, making it a two-second installation job. The rack can hold 30 ties and 8 belts. Can you believe that? 30 individual ties!

Classic Tie Storage

Not only does it provide ample storage and an easy-to-install design, it is made from cedar wood. This cedar wood provides a pleasant aroma and also drives away those pesky fabric-eating insects. No more moths in your ties, plus they will smell like heaven!

The other classic tie storage option that I love is the Accessory Rack. This is even simpler than the previous tie rack. Made from metal, it provides a bit of additional durability. It can hold up to 14 different types of accessories from ties to belts to scarves.

Wow, well those are the two best classic tie storage racks that I can think of right now. Stay tuned for more amazing tie storage!

Tie Exchange Programs: Fashionable and Budget-Savvy

You know, one thing that never really made much sense to me was the cost of a tie. For the honor of wearing a thin strip of fabric around your neck, you usually have to part with 30 or more dollars! It just does not make much sense to me, especially because those of us that are required to wear ties for work end up blowing a fortune on all of our ties. I mean a man has to stay fashionable, am I right? Luckily there are some unique tie exchange programs that allow you to always be fashion-forward without breaking the bank.

Basically, the way these tie exchange programs work is that for a monthly fee, you are allotted a certain amount of ties. This is a great way for you to always have a new tie that matches the season’s fashions, without having to spend a ton of money. You usually get about 5 or so ties, and you can rotate through these ties as you please. Once you have gotten all of the style out of them, simply return the ties and another set of 5 will be shipped to your door!

There are more types of tie exchange programs

Tie Exchange ProgramsThere are other tie exchange programs that allow you to get one tie at a time. It is sort of like the Netflix of tie exchange programs. You get a couple ties, and send them back as you lose interest in their style. When the headquarters of these tie exchange programs receive your tie in the mail, they send you another one!

Of course, when you are using ties that are basically “on loan”, you need to take extra precautions to keep the ties in good condition. You will quickly find yourself on the blacklist if you keep returning wrinkled, stained ties. Using the proper tie rack, like the tie and belt holder, is the perfect way to ensure that the tie exchange program is a success for you.


Top Tier Tie Racks: Must-Take Tips

It has been a while since we last went through the best tie racks that are currently available on the market. I like to call them the top tier tie racks. I really like alliteration, can you tell? I almost like it as much as I like talking about tie rack, which is why we will walk through the ways to store your wears.

To be in the top tier tie racks bracket, the item must have some sort of exclusive feature which sets it apart from the others. Whether this is an innovative design, unique materials or a space saving size, there needs to be some exclusive feature to be considered with the top tier tie racks.

Top Tier Tie Racks

Friction Tie Rack

The first of these ultra-racks is the Friction Tie Rack. On its face, this is not a particularly groundbreaking tie rack. It has several arms which protrude out from a hanging center rod, providing storage for up to 24 ties. But what makes this a really special tie storage rack is the “friction” grip on each arm. This grip prevents the ties from sliding off to the floor, where they get stained or wrinkled. This rack will certainly save you a few trips to the dry cleaners.

The next of the top tier tie racks is the Cedar Tie Rack. This is a sturdy wall mounted rack that can hold 42 ties on its metallic rods. It is stylish and holds a lot of ties. But this is not why we are putting it among the greats. What sets this tie apart is its cedar construction. Cedar wood gives your ties a fresh scent every day, perfect for those days in smoky boardrooms. Additionally, cedar wood is a repellant to moths and other cloth-eating insects.

Lastly, we have the Tie and Belt Hanger. Actually, I am kidding about this one. This is a pretty regular, run-of-the-mill tie rack. It’s a great tie rack for what it is, but certainly does not belong with the top tier tie racks.


Travel Tie Rack Recommendations For Your Next Trip

Most of the time on this blog, I focus on tie racks that are most useful in the home. These are tie racks that you mount to the wall or closet rod, and never move again. However, this is not the only type of tie rack that my readers need to know about, and after numerous letters to the editor, it is time to discuss the best travel tie rack options. Believe it or not, there are just as many options for storing your tie when you are on-the-go as there are for at-home use!

Travel Tie RackWhen selecting a travel tie rack, it is important to look for one that is compact and lightweight. This goes double for anyone that plans on doing any air travel. Baggage fees are already extraordinarily high, don’t twist the knife by loading your bag up with unnecessarily bulky and heavy tie racks. The key is to get something sleek and lightweight, but also something that is able to keep your tie secure and looking great.

One of the most important aspects of travel tie racks is that it has a way to hang when you are at the hotel or in the car. The best way to ensure you can do this is to get a rack with a “hanger” top, which can go over the center closet rod. Or, if you are on the road it can be hung from the little clips that are in the back seat.

One great example of this kind of travel tie rack is the compact Accessory Rack. This item is perfect for taking ties on the go because it is only 10” by 6”, and has a lightweight design. The rack has 14 hooks, so it is great for storing all of your other accessories such as scarves and ties.