Closet Tie Rack: Just Keep It Simple!

I get a lot of complaints from newer readers about the frustration they experience dealing with a subpar tie rack. Issues such as capacity and durability are the top two complaints, but there are many other ways in which your tie rack can do you wrong. Using a effective closet tie rack can actually make you enjoy wearing ties! (Hard to believe, I know).

I think one way in which tie rack manufacturers go wrong is that they over think things. Instead of a simple, sturdy and spacious tie rack, they go for all of these “bells and whistles” that end up malfunctioning or actually impeding on the tie storage. Instead of getting a fancy rotating tie rack, or a light up tie rack, or some strange tie rack that mounts to your closet rod, just go with a good old fashioned, classic closet tie rack.

The best thing about the simple closet tiCloset Tie Rackse rack is that they are usually quite inexpensive! Instead of blowing twice as much on an ineffective tie rack with a bunch of new-fangled technology, just go with the tried and true storage accessory.

The perfect closet tie rack is one that can be mounted to a wall, offers secure and ample storage, and of course has an attractive appearance. One great thing about wall-mounted tie racks is that you don’t really need to worry about finding a stud to mount the rack to. Unless you plan on hanging heavy items like a backpack from the tie rack, you can probably just mount it directly into the dry wall.

The best example of a wall mounted closet tie rack is the Cedar Tie Rack by Woodlore. This tie rack is great because it has an appealing design that looks great in a wide variety of settings, an easy-to-install quality and it provides storage for up to 42 items, whether they are ties, belts or other accessories.


Dorm Room Tie Racks for the Upscale Student

For most kids, the college years are known for their “anything goes” fashion requirements. Flip flops, pajama pants, t-shirts and athletic shorts are common attire for Psych 101. However there are many universities which have a very strict dress code, from freshly-polished shoes all the way up to a perfectly-knotted tie. This is where dorm room tie racks are a must have.

When you attend these sorts of universities, it is important to look your best and be as prompt as possible. Dorm room tie racks are able to make both of these ideal possible. Because you always know exactly where your ties are located, you will not have to worry about being late. There will be no more searching frantically around the dorm room for that missing piece of silk cloth. Additionally, because your ties are safely hanging from the rack, they will not get wrinkled or shabby looking.

Dorm Room Tie RacksOne thing to keep in mind when you are searching for dorm room tie racks is to remember they cannot be a permanent installation. Dorm rooms are borrowed, not owned. So instead of finding that stud-mounted tie rack that you will need to screw into the wall, find something more temporary. I would suggest a tie rack that can be hung from a center closet rod. That way it is easy to move from dorm room to dorm room.

Make life easier with dorm room tie racks

The best hanging dorm room tie rack I have come across is the Friction Tie Rack and Scarf Hanger. This is a great choice for both men and women because it holds just about any accessory you need. It has friction-coated hangers which ensure your ties and other accessories stay on the rack and off of the floor.  With 12 different “arms” for storage, there is plenty of room for all of your accessories. This is definitely the best of the dorm room tie racks.


Accessory Storage For Back To School Season

Believe it or not, school is starting to be back in session. With the new school year approaching, it is time to look into some of the best organizers for accessories such as ties and belts. You want to look your best for back-to-school time, so here are some of my favorite options for accessory storage in the closet.

Typically we focus on tie racks on this blog, but the attire you need for the school year goes so far beyond typical ties. In fact, many kids do not even need to wear a tie to school – for them belt and accessory storage is a much more important topic to focus on.

Accessory StorageThe problem I have with my belts and other accessories is that they are very difficult to find. If I do not set aside a specific storage area for these items, I end up wasting hours searching for them. That is one reason that it is very important to have the proper accessory storage in the closet or the bedroom.

The first accessory storage option is the Wall Hook Tie and Belt Rack. This rack is designed to be mounted to a wall, so you always know where your accessories are located. The rack has a sturdy wood backing and 21 hooks for hanging a wide variety of accessories.

If what you are looking for is more temporary, I would suggest staying away from wall-mounted storage accessories. The Interdesign Accessory Rack offers excellent storage and an easy-to-hang design that is perfect for the closet rod. This accessory storage rack is also helpful for those that rent and cannot make permanent changes to their home.

With an accessory storage rack like these two, you are sure to have a successful and well-dressed school year ahead of you. You can avoid the time-consuming task of searching for missing accessories because they will always be right in the perfect place.