Back-To-School Tie Makes a Great Gift

It seems like every year school starts earlier and earlier. When I was a kid, school started at the end of August or the beginning of September. However, for some reason school is getting and earlier and earlier start. In fact, I know kids that are getting ready for the new school year as we speak, and begin classes next week! A great gift for this time of year is a back-to-school tie.

Why get a back-to-school tie as a gift?

Even though most children shrink at the thought of wearing a tie, it is an important thing for them to get used to. During life there are going to be many setting in which wearing a tie is necessary. It is best to get them used to this unique formal wear piece as early as possible. That is why a back-to-school tie is a great gift for those getting ready for the new school year.

Some instances that a child may need to wear a tie include: formal dances, awards banquets, and dressing up for game-day (do kids still do this?). There are going to be many other opportunities for your child to wear a tie that I just cannot think of at this time.

Many schools these days are requiring that studBack-to-school tieents wear a uniform. Often, these uniforms require that a tie be worn at all times. This makes a back-to-school tie even more sensible, as the child is forced to wear a tie anyways.

Either way, it is important to learn the basics of tie-wearing at a young age. Learning how to tie the tie at the appropriate length with an attractive knot is very crucial in many young men’s lives. It may seem ridiculous, but the way your tie appears at a job interview can be the difference between a lifetime of work and a lifetime of pain. Okay, maybe a little bit hyperbolic, but still take my advice: a back-to-school tie is one way to prepare kids for the future!

And if you are getting them a tie, be sure to get them a solid tie rack to store it. One important lesson that comes from owning a tie is that they are extremely fragile and can be ruined by one single mistake. The Rotating Tie Rack is a great choice for the young generation, since they love high tech so much.


Cooling Neck Tie For the Hot Summer

One of my favorite blogs is Lifehacker. They always have so many unique ideas that make life more comfortable, plus they usually involve inexpensive materials or items you already have at home. To say I am a regular reader would be an understatement – I have been a huge fan of the site since day one. I found an article that is perfect for this blog – how to make a cooling neck tie!

There are pre-made cooling neck ties that are available online, but they look so dorky. I cannot imagine anyone wanting to wear one of those for anything other than hiking or camping. They seem to focus way too much on the “functional” point of view and completely ignore “fashion”. But the cooling neck tie on Lifehacker actually has a cool look and could be something I would want to wear while I walk around.

Basically what you need to do is get any old necktie, and sew a few small pockets into the back. These small pockets are used to store water-absorbing crystals. These crystals are able to cool you for hours! I have no idea how it works but it sounds amazing. Best of all, to recharge the crystals all you need to do is soak the neck tie. The crystals are inexpensive and can be bought at most arts and crafts stores.

Cooling Neck Tie

I do a lot of complaining about having to wear a tie during the hot summer months. Maybe with this nifty little invention I won’t be so crabby about wearing formal-wear during the summer. I wonder if the little pockets full of crystals leak at all? That would bepretty annoying.

A Cooling Neck Tie Needs Storage Too!

As always, I want to remind you that even if you hate wearing ties during the summer it is important to store them properly so they do not get damaged. It doesn’t matter how cool your tie keeps you in hot weather, if it is all wrinkly it is going to make a poor impression. Use the Solid Oak Tie Hanger for easy and convenient storage.

Tie-Wearing Weather: Does it Exist?

What is the worst weather for tie wearing? Is there any weather that is better for wearing a tie than others? Sometimes during the summer I think to myself: “Would this tie be more comfortable if the weather was a little bit cooler?” Is there such a thing as tie-wearing weather?

I honestly do not know the answer to that question, but I can assure you that wearing a tie during the summer is terrible. For those of you that somehow managed to live in a place that does not get hot during the summer (I am thinking Alaska and Scandinavia, and that may be all), I can tell you a tie during that season is awful.

The tie is so tight around my neck; it acts like a plug keeping all of my body heat under my shirt. That leads to some pretty sweaty dress shirts, as you can imagine. Then, the tie itself gets all sweaty because it is right up against my neck. Talk about a disaster! I would probably look better without the tie in the first place.

Ideal Tie-Wearing Weather is like Spring in the Mediterranean

For me, ideal tie-wearing weather would be about 60 degrees, with a nice pleasant breeze and not much direct sunlight. Because even when it is not that hot out, I feel like too much sun exposure really starts to take a toll on me when I wear a tie.

I can’t really think of a situation in which it would be too cold for a tie to be comfortable. I suppose if it were so cold outside that your fingers went numb, that would be weather that is too cold for a tie. That is definitely not ideal tie-wearing weather, at least in my opinion.

So in this weather, put your tie away on a tie rack like the cedar hanging tie organizer, and wait for better days!

Tie-Wearing Weather

Secure Tie Storage: A Woman’s Perspective

Do you have a Not Unique Tie Rackshusband with a ton of ties? Do you get frustrated listening to his complaints about how all of his ties are ruined? They get ruined because he never takes the time to hang them up properly. He either drapes them over the middle bar in the closet, or just flop them over a clothes hanger. Because there is no effort put into secure tie storage, a ton of money gets wasted buying him new ties.

I know it really isn’t your responsibility, but sometimes you just need to hold their hand (or force their hand) into secure tie storage. Just leaving them willy-nilly around the closet is not acceptable anymore. Have you ever taken a tumble because there is a thin silk booby-trap waiting for your left-side step?

If the answer is yes then you are just like me and need to take a stand in favor of secure tie storage.

Secure Tie StorageLucky for everyone involved, secure tie storage is really not that hard. It is really not that expensive either. There are just a few options, and what you need depends on just how many ties your man has.

If he is some sort of used car salesman or rich business executive and has over 30  ties, then you need the wall mounted 30 tie rack. It is simple to use, not too expensive and easy to install.

Now if he is like your typical guy and has 10-20 ties, go with something a little bit simpler. The Friction Tie Rack has 24 “arms” that are perfect for ties. The friction coating ensures the ties stay in place. What is also great about this product is that you can use it too! It’s not just for ties, but for scarves and other accessories. Also, this comes in a set of two, so you actually get storage for 48 items! It requires no installation.