Tie Fashion Tips from GQ Magazine

I was reading this article recently on GQ Magazine’s web site. It explained all the different types of ties that there are out there. Contrary to popular belief, there are a variety of tie styles out there. The appropriate size, shape and pattern of your tie can vary between different situations. If you are a professional or someone who needs to wear business attire constantly, these tie fashion tips are a great resource.

Just a few of the great tie fashion tips from the article

For example, one tie fashion suggestion that was unexpected to me is that you should ignore tying styles such as the half-Windsor knot, Prince Albert knot, and others that lead to a giant triangular knot. GQ suggests that men stick to the traditional four-in-hand, which provides a compact and neat knot.

Other great tie fashion tips from the article include suggesting that your tie hit directly at the belt line, that a tie should be about 2.75” wide, and that a dimple is pretty much a must-have for the tie. If you have a hard time getting that perfect dimple, refer back to one of my older posts about the Dimpler, a product designed specifically to give you that perfect dimple on your tie.

Another interesting tip I read in the article is that a solid tie color or a very subtle print is the way to go. Ignore paisley or wall-paper-like prints, and avoid making your tie a conversation piece. Just use the tie to “tie” together the outfit.

Hands down, the best one of these tie fashion tips is to wear your tie a little loose for that casual look. Even better, they recommend letting your five o’clock shadow grow out a bit for a very casual feel for your wardrobe. That is the kind of fashion I can get behind!

Of course, none of these tie fashion tips mean squat if your tie is a mess. To avoid wrinkled ties I would recommend investing in a high quality tie rack, such as the Wall Hook Tie and Belt Rack.

Tie Fashion Tips

Necktie Storage of the Rich and Famous

I was thinking the other day about how much I hate to wear ties. And then I started to think about famous people whose trademark style includes wearing a tie. This ranges from bow-ties to standard neckties – how can those people be comfortable wearing ties all of the time? And when they get home, what kind of necktie storage do they use?

I am thinking about people like James Bond, the Nutty Professor, Pee-Wee Herman, Donald Trump – you know the type. They are really cartoon-y people that love their ties.

I also started to wonder if these famous people ever get frustrated tying their tie in the morning. For me, it usually takes 2-3 attempts before I get the tie at the perfect length with a nice, tight little knot at the top. Usually the tie is too long, too short, the knot too sloppy or tight as a clam. But if you were wearing a tie every single day, do you think you would be better at tying your tie? Or would you just experience a ton of frustration in the morning?

Do celebritiesNecktie Storage have necktie storage issues like I do?

I wonder if they get frustrated with their necktie storage. Do their ties fall to the floor all of the time, getting wrinkled and trampled at the bottom of the closet? Does James Bond use his fancy spy-toy manufacturers to build him the ultimate tie rack? I’m sure Donald Trump just hires someone to stand in his closet and hold his ties for him. Maybe someone ties the Trump’s ties for him? That doesn’t really explain why he is so cranky all of the time though.

Anyways, as a normal person who can only afford the simplest forms of necktie storage, I prefer to use a cedar tie rack. It is simple, inexpensive, and effective. Plus it mounts right to the wall, saving me valuable closet space.


Wall Mounted Tie Rack: A Must-Have After an Interview

Here is a question for my faithful tie-rack loving readers: Have you ever had a job interview in the summer? Without question, it is the single worst time of the year to put a job on the line with the way your appearance. All that hot weather and uncomfortable formal-wear always leads to a sweat-fest for me. This makes it even more important to get a proper wall mounted tie rack to store your ties and let them dry off.

I remember one of my first interviews right out of college that did not go particularly well due to the heat. I had just moved to Boston, Massachusetts and this California boy was in no way prepared for the thick blanket of humidity that hangs over the Eastern Seaboard.

I took the “T” train system to my interview, which was a few neighborhoods over. This involved walking about a half mile to the train station, awkwardly carrying my suit jacket and resume. By the time I get to the train, it is sweat-city for me. Luckily the train had some not-so-bad air conditioning, and I cooled down on the way there.

I thought I was smart to not wear my tie until I arrived at my destination, however I was wrong. Trying to tie a tie in that thick summer air made me even sweatier than walking to the train! And then I didn’t have a train AC to cool me down.

Once I got my tie on and finally found the office for my interview (it was in a vast medical complex), I was pretty uncomfortable and looked the part. The interviewers were nice and while the interview went okay, I definitely did not get the job.

Wall Mounted Tie Rack

Cedar Tie Rack by Woodlore

This story is only going to get worse without a wall mounted tie rack!

To make matters worse, when I got home my sweaty-wet tie did not have a good place to be stored, like a wall mounted tie rack. So I just tried to hang it over a closet rod, where it promptly fell without me noticing. Two days later I find my tie balled up in the closet with sweat-stains and all wrinkled. Now the jobless broke kid is out a tie.

So if you have an interview this summer, I would recommend driving or taking a cab to the interview and avoid walking. There is nothing more embarrassing than being uncomfortably sweaty and hot in an interview, and the interviewer will notice!

And when you get home, be sure to use a wall mounted tie rack to keep your ties looking great for the next interview! This Cedar Tie Rack is the perfect option!