Unique Tie Racks No Longer Needed

This weekend marked the occurrence of an event many people had waited for years to experience. Seven years, to be exact. While I was thinking of a great way to show off the many unique tie racks that are available, this event occurred.

What is this huge event? Is it Memorial Day? It cannot be Memorial Day – that occurs every single year. No folks this is a whole different animal. It has nothing to do with honoring our deceased service members for the courageous work they have done in securing our freedom.

In fact, this is a much less important landmark event. It was the unveiling of the brand new season of Arrested Development, a show that was tragically cancelled a little less than a decade ago. The fourth season features an interesting plot that twists and turns before reaching its conclusion.

However, this is no pop-culture blog or television program reviewing blog. No I am much more concerned with blogging about funny ties or unique tie racks than I am laying down the hammer of judgment on a show (which I loved).

One thing I noticed while watching Arrested Development in its original three seasons is the way that the main character Michael Bluth, wears his ties. I’m not sure if it was just the style of the early aughts, but he wears his tie so long that it goes down below his belt-line.

So this always stuck with me while I watched the original seasons, and even had a bit of an influence on my tie-wearing habits for the years between 2006-2013. I would buy extra long ties so I would achieve that stunning Michael Bluth-look. To accommodate my extra long ties, I would have to find a unique tie rack that could hold them.

Perhaps unique tie racks are no longer necessary?

But in this most recent season of Arrested Development, I could not help but notice the change in Michael’s tie-wearing habits. Instead of having his tie reach all the way past his tucked-in shirt, it simply stopped a few buttons up from his waist.

What had I been doing all those years?

Obviously the long-tie fad had dissipated and now regular-length ties were the rage. I knew immediately it was time to say good bye to my yard-length ties and unique tie racks. The time was high for me to get a collection of standard length ties for my new and improved wardrobe.

Instead of unique tie racks for my regular old ties, I used a simple tie rack such as the Wall Mounted 30 Tie Organizer.

Not Unique Tie Racks

Tie Storage Accessories and the Morning Commute

I live in Los Angeles, which is known as the traffic capital of the United States. Everyone has heard the horror stories of 2-hour commutes, people stranded on the 405 and insane road rage. Luckily for me, my job telling you about the newest developments in tie storage accessories requires a commute of zero minutes! I am able to enjoy this enormous city without the downside of a soul-crushing commute.

However, there are almost four million residents of the City of Angels. Certainly the majority of them do have a commute. What people do not realize about Los Angeles is that the residents actually have a short-than-usual commute. Jobs are spread out all over the city so the opportunity to “live where you work” is pretty high. Compare that with other cities like Chicago where all the jobs are located in or near the Loop.

However, the problem is that your typical 20 minute commute can suddenly balloon up to an hour and a half. There is often no warning of this traffic jam. Even worse, it can be caused by something as little as a fender bender on a different street! Therefore it is imperative that you have the proper tie storage accessories. With the right tie storage accessories, you will be able to get out the door as fast as possible – which can make a world of difference in Southern California.

Tie Storage Accessories

Get out the door on time with tie storage accessories!

The best tie rack I have seen is the Tie O Matic Tie Rack. The reason this is the greatest of the tie storage accessories is that it is able to hold a large amount of ties and spin them around. This feature makes it easy to find the tie you were looking for. That way you don’t waste time searching for a tie when you could be beating traffic.

Travel Tie Accessories for Formal Events

Recently, my wife has been asked to travel all over the state of California for her job, attending meetings and social mixers. As a blogger, I am lucky enough to have the flexibility to travel with her to some very cool places. However, as an attorney most of the functions I attend with her are very formal and require a tie at the very least. So that leads me to this week’s topic – What are the best travel tie accessories?

In some ways my wife is lucky that as a woman, she does not have to worry about wearing ties to these functions. Of course, I only need 15 minutes to get ready while she requires an hour for her hair and makeup, so maybe she really is not that lucky. I’d rather have to deal with travel tie accessories than all of that primping.

For the first few trips, I just packed the ties in with the rest of our clothes and took them out as soon as we arrived at the hotel. The problem with this strategy is that even a few hours packed in tight with other clothes left my ties wrinkled and utterly unfit for wearing.

Another word for the wise: If you discover you have a wrinkled tie – DO NOT IRON IT! That goes double for hotel-room irons. Those things are ideal if you want to destroy your ties.

Just use travel tie accessories and avoid this situation

Otherwise, it is probably best to just go buy another tie. To avoid this sort of inconvenience while traveling, I would recommend taking a good hard look at the Deluxe Tie Case.

Travel Tie Accessories

This is the best of the travel tie accessories I have seen on the market. It provides a small area to keep your ties organized and free from wrinkles. And with a real leather exterior, this is the most upscale of the travel tie accessories!

Tie Storage Racks and Athletes – The Perfect Match?

A few years ago the National Basketball Association decided to implement a “dress-code” for all of its players. If an NBA player was flying to or from a game, injured and sitting on the bench, during an interview session, and even at an NBA-related charity event, they must wear business or conservative attire. While some are vehemently against this rule, I salivate at the thought of the fancy tie storage racks those multimillionaires are purchasing to store all of their new ties.

One of the reasons NBA players do not like they dress code is that it limits their personal style. As seen by the flamboyant way some of these athletes play the game, you can see that having an individual style is very important for in the NBA culture.

Forced to wear sports jackets, slacks and collared shirts, I do believe the days of rainbow-colored do-rags, vintage Wilt Chamberlain jerseys and over-the-top graphic tees are behind us. However, I think the NBA players may be overreacting a little bit in response to this new dress code.

Ties are a great way to express your individuality. They come in a vast range of sizes and shapes. In fact, I have even seen some of the more dapper NBA players starting to wear bow ties. It is pretty nice to see some fashion-forward folks sport the bow-tie in a non-ironic fashion.

And luckily, if these athletes end up with too many ties to store, there are many tie storage racks for keeping them in order. I wonder what kind of tie storage these guys are able to afford with their incredibly huge contracts.

Tie Storage Racks Lead to a Title

Does Kobe Bryant take his ties off of cedar tie storage racks just like the everyday Joe? Does LeBron James use a rotating tie rack to keep his garments in order?

Tie Storage Racks

Could these incredible closet storage accessories be LeBron’s tie storage racks of choice?



















I suppose we will never know, now that “Cribs” is no longer on the air. Oh well, perhaps I can start my very own TV show highlighting the tie storage racks used not only by athletes, but actors and singers too!