Tie Rack Storage is a Pre-Draft Day Necessity

Over here at the Tie Racks Blog, us tie rack storage fans are also huge sports fans. Whether it is March Madness (what a month!) or the Superbowl (what a night!) there is no doubt we will be transfixed on the tube.

However, there is one sporting “event” that I honestly do not see the appeal of. It is only marginally related to sports and does not involve any actually athletic ability. Despite this, it is becoming one of the most watched sporting specials of the year.

What I am talking about is the unexplainable popularity of the National Football League’s Draft. I get the excitement about finding out what promising new athlete is going to be joining your team in August – But the level of excitement over this mostly-inane event completely boggles my mind.

Half of the time these players end up being no-good benchwarmers, yet they get giant contracts that eat up their team’s available salary. Honestly watching the NFL Draft is almost like a preview of what player you are going to despise in two-to-three years.

For every Cam Newton, Peyton Manning and John Elway that gets drafted number one overall, there is an Akili Smith, Ryan Leaf and Jamarcus Russell. At least Russell knew how to have a good time.

This post does have a little bit to do with tie rack storage

Okay, I’ll admit it; there is one thing about the NFL draft that I love. It is the same thing I love about the Heisman Presentation (also incredibly boring), the NBA Draft (does anyone still watch basketball?) and even the ESPYs.

What am I talking about?

I am talking about all of the amazing ties that are on display at these events. Think about how huge these guys are – six foot three, three hundred pounds…. Six foot five, two-twenty pounds… Those are some gigantic ties! I just salivate thinking about the kind kind of tie rack storage that is necessary for those guys to hang up those ties! I mean, each tie must be 3 or 4 feet long!

Tie Rack Storage

And of course these men know they are going to be on TV in front of a national audience, so they always have the most fashion-forward ties.

Who can forget the classic 80’s tie Karl Malone wore when he was drafted by the Utah Jazz? Man that squared-off short tie makes him look amazing! No wonder he went on to be one of the best players in NBA history.

If you are a tall man or a guy with a big neck and require some extra-long ties, I would recommend looking into a rotating tie rack for your tie rack storage needs. What makes this perfect for larger ties is that it mounts to the closet rod. As long as your ties are not longer than your closet is tall, you should be alright. Additionally, this tie rack storage solution includes a light!

I am looking forward to this year’s NBA playoffs getting started, but it is not because I like basketball all that much. In fact, I just tune in halfway through the fourth quarter, that’s the only exciting part of the game to me. I am just looking forward to watching the post-game pressers and seeing what unique tie Dwight Howard is wearing next time, maybe I’ll write him suggestion some tie rack storage solutions.

Tie Racks Top Five: Racks for Every Occasion

Usually here on the Tie Racks Blog, we highlight one or two tie racks at a time. Usually each post involves telling a story about why that particular tie rack is amazing or how it saved our day. However there has been strong demand for an all-in-one list where tie racks are ranked and ordered.

Therefore, I am proud to present the first-ever Tie Racks Blog – “Tie Rack Top Five”! I will evaluate a variety of tie racks and find the five best tie racks that are currently on the market.

The tie racks will be judged based on their capacity, durability, convenience and a variety of other criteria! After cumulating the scores from a vast array of organizational racks, I came up with my list.

The plan is to update this list either once a year or twice a year because there are always new tie racks entering the market. Additionally, sometimes tie racks are retired from production, so those racks will be removed from the list as appropriate.

Click “Read More” and see the amazing racks in this year’s list!

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Cedar Tie Rack: Smell Great in the Closet!

One of my favorite materials for the closet or any other clothing storage area is cedar. Whether it is a cedar tie rack, cedar hanger, cedar belt rack – you name it, I love it! The way that the wood gives off a fresh scent and keeps my closet smelling fresh at all times is probably my favorite feature. However it is also a very durable wood material that holds up over long term storage.

Part of the reason I love cedar wood in the closet is that I keep a pretty untidy home. My closet has what is basically a “carpet” of dirty laundry at all times. Let me tell you, all of that laundry sitting there all week can get pretty stinky. As we approach the summertime, this problem becomes more and more apparent.

That is why when it comes time to find new organizational accessories for my bedroom and closet, the first thing I look to is cedar. There are so many different types of cedar storage items available, but today I will just stay on topic and highlight my favorite cedar tie racks.

These are a few of my favorite… Cedar Tie Racks.

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