Tie Racks Blog – Are Ties Always Necessary?

Like me, I am sure that many of my faithful Tie Racks Blog readers love to find excuses to wear a tie in every situation imaginable. Whether it is a wedding, funeral, sporting event, fundraiser, graduation, or even a Memorial Day party, I love to wear a tie.

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So Tie Racks Blog Readers, When Are Ties Overkill?

However there are some situations in which a tie is just a little bit of overkill. For instance, if you are about to run a marathon, a tie might not be the best choice of attire. Think about that tie flapping in your face while you struggle through the final kilometers.

Another situation in which ties are becoming less and less of a requirement is a bit of a shocker – Job Interviews. With all of these new-fangled “start-ups” and internet companies popping up all over the landscape, many positions do not require business formal attire. Mind blowing to many that grew up in the age of suit jacket – tie – cap – slacks as a standard business wear, but it is a real phenomenon.

In fact, my brother recently went to a job interview for a new internet company that sells and designed state-of-the-art mouse pads. He had all of the right experience for this position, and decided to go to the interview dressed to the nines… His competition came in sandals, shorts and a T-shirt. Would you believe it that my brother did not get the position, instead choosing this Matthew McConaughey wannabe. Not even his most dazzling tie (kept pristine on a state-of-the-art tie rack) could get him the job.

Of course this is a bit of an extreme example of ties coming back to bite you, but these days it is important to pay attention to your surroundings and dress appropriately. If you are going to a luau, skip the pineapple tie and just go straight for the lei and shorts.

Of course there will always be days in which you need to wear ties, and for those days be sure to store all of your ties on tie racks, whether they are wall mounted or hanging.

Tie Racks Blog – The Greatest Hits

This week on Tie Racks Blog, we are going to take a journey into the past and take a look at a few of the “greatest hits” of the tie rack world. From homemade tie racks to state-of-the-art storage accessories, we sure have covered a lot of ground on this home organization site!

Kicking things off, we have my very favorite idea for tie storage that has been presented on this site – the homemade tie rack storage made entirely from Legos! Even more incredible is the DIY tie rack that this post inspired, sent in to us from one of our faithful tie rack followers.

Tie Racks Blog

Next, we put one foot in the past and one foot into the future with the Tie O Matic automated light-up tie rack. This unique tie storage device allows you to store a large selection of ties in one place, plus its motorized design allows you to browse your ties with the push of a button!

Motorized Tie Racks

Now that we have looked at a couple of different tie racks, let’s change gears a little bit and reminisce on that classic post in which we profiled “The Dimpler”, an incredibly tie-accessory that makes it easy to look dapper every time you wear a tie.

Tie Racks

Finally, we honor the late-great original proprietor of Tie Racks Blog and remember his great advice to avoid “silly ties” at all costs. Wearing such ludicrous accessories is a dishonor to the name of the great Tie Rack blog and the hard work or original blogger put into preparing the world for the workday.

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Just…. Don’t…. Wear…. Them….

What? Disappointed because there are tie racks you didn’t see in this list?

There you have it, Tie Racks Blog’s very first official “Greatest Hits” post! Was your favorite post left out? Disagree that the Lego tie rack should have made it into this top list? Think we overrated some posts? Let us have it in the comment section, or better yet, start your own tie racks blog!

St. Patrick’s Day Ties and More!

With St. Patrick’s Day just a few more days away, do not get caught unprepared for this amazing holiday! I love St. Paddy’s day for a number of reasons: Guinness, Murphy’s, Bailey’s, Smithwick’s are just a few of them. This year looks to be a great holiday as we are lucky enough to have it fall on a weekend, so there will be plenty of revelry.

One of the most tried-and-true traditions of St. Patrick’s Day is wearing green. Being part Irish, I always feel the need to make the most of this holiday commemorating Ireland’s patron saint. So for me, a simple green shirt or my green socks will just not do. Instead I look for the latest St. Patrick’s Day ties so I can really be in the spirit! Of course, I will also need to update my closet storage situation, so I’ll add another tie rack to my collection. With a durable cedar construction and pegs for 36 ties or other accessories, there is sure to be plenty of room for this new Paddy’s Day Tie.

Wooden Peg Tie Rack for St. Patrick's Day

The last few years I have been living in Boston during St. Patrick’s Day, and I can tell you there is no greater city to be in for this holiday. The parade in Southie is something that I think every American should experience at least one time in their lives (Chicago’s parade is a worthwhile substitute). To see all of those proud folk marching down the street to celebrate their heritage is a great thing.

Hopefully you can enjoy this great celebration of Irish heritage (as well as a great celebration of great libations) this upcoming Sunday without feeling too terrible come Monday morning. Also be sure to hang that Irish tie on your brand new tie rack so you can re-use it next year (nobody will notice, trust me).

Tie Racks for the Simple Man in All of Us

These days, it seems like everyone’s mantra is “the bigger, the better”. This is no exception when it comes to tie racks. With better awareness of tie-maintenance and care, men have found themselves investing in bigger and better tie racks all the time. Whether it is able to hold 100 different ties or has all of the state-of-the-art modern features like a motor and a light, the trend is towards more and more expensive tie racks.

However, for the frugal tie-wearers in all of us, there is a much more inexpensive option. Using a wall mounted tie rack made from cedar wood is perfect for adding a touch of simple storage and organization to your closet or bedroom.

Tie Racks

Those pegs just keep on going!

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