Tie Racks – Soon to be a Thing of the Past?

Tie racks are a very important accessory for those of us in with white-collar jobs. However, it seems like these days, employers are getting more and more progressive with what they prefer their employees to wear.

It used to be that a jacket, tie and slacks was the standard no matter what field you got into – business, sales, development – if you were a white-collar worker you could expect to have a polka-dot or pinstriped tie neatly tucked under that white collar.

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Tie Storage Racks are not the End-All Be-All

Over here at the Tie Rack Blog, we discuss all sorts of different tie storage options and storage for other items that never seem to have a good place. We have covered just about every type of tie storage rack, from motorized rotating tie racks to standard wall mounted cedar wood tie racks. With all these different types of racks, at this point you should have no problem finding a great accessory for your ties and other clothing items.

Tie Storage Rack

Tie racks are a great addition to the closet, providing a place to hang anything from ties, lanyards, belts, scarves, even larger jewelry pieces! However they cannot do all of the closet organization for you. Tie storage racks are typically pretty compact pieces which do not have a huge amount of capacity.

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Modern Tie Rack – It’s Never Too Late For Valentine’s Day

In my opinion, one of the most romantic gifts a woman can bestow upon her man is a state of the art modern tie rack. One that leaves him impressed – because she knew it was “exactly what I wanted,” and that you “had your eye on that tie rack for months!”

Everyone knows the cliché that Valentine’s Day is a pressure cooker for guys in relationships. There is a ton of pressure for dudes in a new(ish) relationship to go over-the-top in impressing their significant other. On the other side of the coin, men in longer relationships need to show the flame is still there.

However, everyone knows clichés are never really very accurate, and women feel tons of pressure make Valentine’s Day a great day too. One of the toughest things is finding a great gift. Well like I said before, I am never displeased to discover it is a brand new tie rack under that pink argyle gift-wrap!

Modern Tie Rack

The rack my honey gave me last year. Ain’t it a beaut?

 A Modern Tie Rack Blew My Mind Last Year

Last year, my wife really stepped it up and got me a state of the art modern tie rack. This is no ordinary tie rack, no, this tie rack is motorized! With the push of a button I can whirl that bad boy around and find the perfect tie for the day.

Not only that, but it has a light function, so I don’t even have to turn on the lights in the bedroom to find my ties! I think that is a feature that both my wife and I can enjoy!

So to all those people out there with a special someone that has a lot of ties, keep your eyes peeled for the next great state of the art tie rack. You never know what amazing features it might have!

Tie Rack Blog’s Tips for Maintaining Ties

As a young man first entering the professional workforce, one of the biggest shockers to me was just how expensive a tie can be. Who knew a little flat of cloth that you tie around your neck could cost upwards of 50 dollars??? Add in the fact that my first job required a tie every single day, and you can imagine my entry-level salary was being stretched pretty thing – by ties!

The best way to save money when you have a professional career that requires ties is take very good care of them. If you are flip about the way you treat your ties, you are going to find yourself buying a new bunch of ties every single year. That kind of cash adds up fast, especially with salaries remaining stagnant.

Here are a couple quick tips to help you take care of that tie:

1.)    Never leave your tie tied-up. That is a great way to get deep, hard-to-remove wrinkles in the fabric. When removing the tie, do not just “yank” it off, take care in removing it to preserve the shape.

2.)    When you do get a wrinkle or a stain on the tie, be sure to not iron it. That too ruins the shape of your tie. The dry-cleaner is the only way to go in this scenario.

3.)    Be sure to keep your ties up off the floor! I know they are difficult to store and always fall off of the traditional storage devices. Use something with a little bit better grip like the Wall Mounted 30 Tie Organizer.

With these tips at your disposal you should be able to avoid running up a huge tab at the local department store, wasting money on new ties every month.