Tie Racks for Dad’s Presents

Ah, the plight of the father at the holiday season and all of the gifts he does receive… Fathers provide love, support, and guidance while they nurture their children and families. Dad always knows what the perfect gift is for those little ones and his loving wife, but how come when it comes time for him to rip open his carefully wrapped gifts, it is almost always the same thing?
Well, maybe this notion of Dad always getting a bunch of new ties for the holidays, birthdays and other major events is a bit antiquated. Ties have become less important everyday wardrobe accessories for the working professional plus every year there are more and more innovative gift ideas for father. With that being said it seems like every year there is someone who gives him a new tie –whether it is chic and stylish or dated and old-fashioned, he is going to have to find a place to store them.

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Maybe he already has a tie rack (as getting ties for a gift is certainly not a new phenomenon to him) but chances are good that storage device is simply not up to par or does not provide the right kind of storage for his needs. Maybe he has gathered a huge collection of ties and needs something state of the art such as a Tie-O-Matic rotating tie rack. Or maybe the man in your life only has a few ties that keep falling on the ground and making a mess (plus getting wrinkled and/or ruined), and in that case something more simple such as a wall mounted tie rack would be the best bet.

Whatever it is that Dad needs to store all of his ties, a tie rack is the best way to ensure your gift has longevity is to provide a safe place to keep it stored.

Light Up Tie Rack Saves the (Very, Very Early) Morning!

We have all been there: The setting is a very dark closet early in the morning – let’s say 4 AM. There is a good reason (it better be a good reason) you are up at such an ungodly hour of the day:  You have a very important meeting; you are traveling to meet with a client for the first time; you are preparing for an interview that is far away. No matter what the important reason is, you are in your closet, it is pitch black and you are trying to piece together the perfect outfit while your significant other is peacefully dozing just a dozen feet from the closet.

You are a considerate spouse and do not want to awake them from their angelic slumber, but you also need to look great because darn it, this is a very important day! So you go about preparing yourself for this biggest of days in the dark, praying you do not match your dashing pinstripe shirt with a spotted pink tie.

Whether or not that big day went as well as you had hoped it would, there is no question that getting ready by the dark of your closet is no way to go through life. I am one such person who sometimes has to get ready in the dark of my closet, and I knew that there had to be some sort of solution to this issue.

Light Up Tie Rack

Luckily what I ended up finding as a solution is better and more functional than I ever imagined. I figured I would just have to buy a cheap-o light that I could mount to the ceiling of the closet and that I could switch on with the closet door closed. Instead what I found was the Light-Up Rotating Tie and Belt Rack. This motorized accessory rack not only provides enough light for me to see all of my clothes while I get read, it also is able to hold a huge amount of ties, belts and other accessories.

Tie Rack of the Week!

In last week’s Tie Rack of the Week, I highlighted a motorized tie rack, exceptional for its amazing capacity as well as a convenient rotating feature. This week I will explore a simpler tie rack that is unique for its sleek, wall mounted design that offers a large amount of tie and accessory storage.

Many people find themselves in the situation of needing a lot of ties for their occupation or just for social settings, but do not have very much closet space to dedicate to said storage. Because developers are looking to cut costs and make livable space as large as possible, oftentimes closet space is the place that is sacrificed in favor of living room or bedroom floor space.

The perfect solution to a large need for tie storage and a small amount of closet space is using the Tie Rack of the Week – the Wall Mounted 30 Tie Organizer! This tie rack is great because it holds up to 30 ties or other accessories on sturdy little plastic clips that can be slid back and forth across the chrome center rod smoothly and easily.

Wall Mounted 30 Tie Rack









Another great thing about the Tie Rack of the Week is that it comes in a set of two, so you have storage for up to 60 individual ties and any other fashion accessories that can be hung from the plastic clips.

Some people that have used these racks were initially worried the plastic hangers were either fragile or made from cheap materials and therefore are prone to breaking – what makes this tie rack great is the hangers are made from a thick, durable plastic material and do a great job of staying secure on the metal rod while still being easy to move back and forth.

Because of its space saving design that is still able to hold a great deal of ties, the makes a great Tie Rack of the Week!

A Brief History of the Necktie

We all wear them from time to time, little decorative collars that hang down our chest, adding a little bit of “flare” to our outfit. Maybe it is for church, business, celebration or whatever, but every man at some point has to clumsily attempt to pull off the Double Windsor and wear the old necktie. Maybe as you are strangling yourself while you try to tighten the knot, or frustratingly tying and untying the knot to get it at the correct length you have though to yourself, “Why am I wearing this contraptions anyways?!?!”

Well of course, like anything in fashion the modern tie sprang up after Parisians took a liking to the decorative garb of a group of Croatian mercenaries from the Croatian Military Frontier. After the French adopted it and called the early necktie a “cravat”, a full-fledged fashion craze swept the continent of Europe – and it wasn’t just for guys either.

Around the 19th century the tie had become a staple of formal wear, and in fact several publications were released specifying the proper way to tie and wear your cravat. At this time they were merely a proto-necktie, much more decorative and even sometimes lacy, and worn at quite a bit shorter length. But then along came the Industrial Revolution and the need for a more practical, durable and most importantly, comfortable tie and the modern necktie was born. Since then the style and preferred length of ties has morphed and melded with the ever-changing tide of fashion, but has basically retained its general form.

Now, I’m not sure how they ever stored all of their neckties back in the 19th and early 20th century, but today there are a wide variety of tie racks available, from wall mounted racks made of cedar up to motorized tie racks that rotate around and allow you to find your tie easily. Whatever your need, be sure to keep those ties hung up and looking great because nothing is worse than a frazzled tie!

Tie Rack of the Week – Auto-Rotating Tie Rack

As the Holidays are fast approaching (well, they have already approached – some of us are mid-holiday), I think the time is just about right for another installment of the popular “Tie Rack of the Week” series. Today I want to highlight a tie rack that is great for anyone that has wears ties on a daily basis and also has a large collection of ties to sort through in the morning.

Most tie racks follow a simple design – a wall mounted piece of wood with various pegs installed throughout, offering a place to hang your tie. Or, maybe it is a wood hanger with pegs on either side, also where you hang your ties. The problem with these tie racks is that they do not “grip” the ties very well, and often result in lots of ties scattered all over the closet floor.

Ties all over!

Another issue with simple, run-of-the-mill tie racks is that they do not offer very good visibility once you have reached a critical mass of ties. There is nothing more frustrating than getting ready in the morning, running late for a big meeting, and not being able to find the perfect tie to match up with your hound’s-tooth sports coat! Because the tie racks do not offer any separation between the individual ties, it all looks like a colorful, patterned bowl of spaghetti mounted to the wall or hanging in the closet.

The best solution for organizing a large tie collection is the Tie-O-Matic Motorized Tie Rack (love that name!), because it provides organized tie storage, makes it quick and easy to find the exact tie you are looking for, and really “grips” the ties and ensures they stay on the rack, not on the floor.

Tie Racks

The tie rack is able to hold an outstanding and unbelievable amount of ties – 64 total, hung from individual “hooks” that keep the tie secure in the rack. With the simple push of the button, the ties rotate around the tie rack and as they turn, show the pattern of the tie clearly, making each tie easily identifiable and quick to pick out.

This tie rack makes a great gift, and is not just for men either! It works great for lighter-weight women’s accessories like sashes, scarves, belts and more!

Tie Rack Blog: Great Gift Guide for the Professional

Is your husband always busy at work and you are not sure of what to get him this year for the holiday season? One great gift for those with hard-working business professionals is a spin on the old cliché of “get Dad a tie” – instead of an actual tie, which he surely has plenty of get him a convenient and practical tie rack this year!

Not only is a it a great gift for him, a tie rack is a great way to add organization to the closet and keep those ties off the floor, making it a bit of a gift for you, too!

There are a wide variety of tie racks available all over the internet. The first step is to decide which tie rack is the most appropriate for your man.

Maybe he is a lawyer or financial adviser and has the sort of job which requires ties every single day. This would mean he needs a whole lot of ties. In that case you would want to get a tie rack that has a lot of capacity.

On the other hand, maybe he does not wear ties daily, but prefers to wear them for special occasions.  In this case a smaller tie rack is probably acceptable and you can start to look for special features that set it apart from standard tie racks.

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Cedar Tie Racks: Save your Sweater

When holiday season comes around it is time to bust out the old Yuletide sweaters! You know, the ones that you keep bordered up in the back of your closet all year just wear a few times for this special season of the year. If you have a lot of clothing made from natural fibers, a constant threat to your garments are moths and their insatiable hunger for all things wooly. Finding your favorite ironic sweater totally tunneled through on the collar and sleeves could very well derail your entire holiday experience.

One of the best ways to keep moths away from your clothes is using cedar blocks – plus they add that great “I just came out of the woods after chopping down trees” smell! One great way to add function and cedar to your closet and protect those sentimentally valuable sweaters is to use a cedar Tie Rack!

There are a wide variety of cedar tie racks that come in different shapes and sizes. For example, this tie rack hangs from your closet pole, providing a powerful blast of cedar to the nearby clothing while offering a place to store up to 40 ties!

Hanging Tie Rack







Another great option is to use a wall mounted tie rack such as the one seen below. This rack offers a little less storage but is a more permanent fixture in the closet. What is great about this tie rack is that it is on a stable surface, so ties will not be constantly falling to the floor, which can often be the case with hanging tie racks.

Wall Mounted Tie Rack





By using these tie racks that are made from cedar you can help ward away unwanted sweater-eating creepy crawlers like moths. At the same time adding excellent storage and organization to your closet, this is a win-win decision!