Tie Racks Gifts of all Sizes!

Tie racks make a great gift for any dapper and sophisticated gentleman. Not only do they provide a convenient place to store your favorite neckties, they also ensure that the ties stay in a safe place, free from getting wrinkled or even damaged.

The only issue is that some of us are more tie-dependent than others – for some men a 10-tie organizer does the trick just fine, while others will need something a little more heavy duty. Here are a couple of tie racks of various sizes, perfect for finding the ideal gift for your favorite guy (there’s nothing wrong with you if that guy just so happens to be yourself).

This wooden peg tie rack is a great example of a very simple wall mounted tie rack, and is able to hold 36 ties. Good for large collections of lower-end ties.





Made from metal, the Wall Mounted 30 Tie Organizer is perfect for high-end ties and with a capacity of 30 ties, should accommodate most collections. It includes little clips to hold your ties in place, which is great for preserving their appearance.

Wall Mounted Tie Rack














Finally, for those that have a smaller collection of ties, the Accessory Rack is an excellent choice. This metal rack has an attractive chrome finish and is designed to hold anything, from ties to belts and more!

Accessory Rack











A Gifty Tie Rack!

Looking for a great gift for a guy friend for the holidays?  Maybe you’ve been giving your dad, brother or hubby ties for years for gifts and now he needs a safe place to keep them.  Or maybe you’re just getting your guy friend started on a tie collection.  Whatever your situation, a men’s tie rack is a great gift idea for that special guy in your life.  Here is my guide to buying the right tie gift for guys, broken down by relationship.

For Dad:

The Tie Rack – Get him something special, and something automatic.  A rotating tie rack is an extra special gift for your father; it really shows your love.  The beauty of these is that they often have an automatic light with them, so getting dressed in the morning is really not a problem.  Also they turn easily, allowing you to select a tie with ease!

For Your Boyfriend:

An over the closet rod style hanging tie rack is the way to go.  It’s a thoughtful gift and allows him to use it without any special mounting to the walls, after all it is his place!

For your Brother:

Go with a sleek, modern chrome or finished wooden tie rack that mounts to the wall.  It’s something he can keep for years and will remember you for each time he selects a tie in the morning.

For your Husband:

Really if you are buying a tie rack for your husband, you are also buying it for yourself.  Maybe you want a little extra room in the closet and this is just the way to gain it!  Or maybe you are sick of his ties falling all over the floor of your shared walk-in.  I suggest an automatic spinning tie rack or a wall mounted version.  Cedar is a nice choice and repels moths and insects, a major bonus for your wardrobe as well!