Tie Rack Hangers Save Space

If you, like me, are lacking in space for all of your clothes in the closet, but you still have those ties to deal with (either yours or your significant other’s), a tie rack hanger is a great way to go.  These handy helpers have hooks on them and an additional hook at the top just like a regular clothes hanger.  So you can just hang it from your closet rod right along with your other garments.  Most don’t take up too much space, either, this Tie Hanger, for example, is just 5 inches wide, about the same amount of space that two shirts or dresses would take up in the closet.

It’s a nice alternative to wall mounted racks, especially if you are not allowed to drill into the walls in the home where you live.  And, as a bonus, this one is made of cedar, which has a wonderful aroma and also protects clothes from moth damage.  You can find these tie hangers in a variety of styles to match your tie storage needs.  I know that with the holidays coming up, I will definitely be pulling out more and more ties for different occasions and am always looking for the best way to store them.

Tie Rack of the Week: Wall Mounted

This week’s tie rack pick is the 30 Tie Organizer – Wall Mounted!  Sold as a set of two, this is one of the most economical racks on the market, and truly one of the most versatile as well.

This simple rack mounts to the wall with sturdy brackets and features a metal pole that hangs horizontally.  Thirty plastic hooks then cleverly hang over the rod, just like a closet rod but without the need to take up any more space in your closet!  A piece of cake to hang and organize your closet.  This tie rack could also be used elsewhere in the home, if you find your closet has gotten too full of garments already.  Mount it behind the door in the bedroom or even in the bathroom, making sure that ties will not get wet from the shower.  The horizontal design makes it one of the easiest tie racks out there to use, you can literally see all thirty of your choices (sixty if you use both included racks).    The black and silver design is modern and gender neutral, even bachelors will love this handy wall mount tie rack.  The clever design allows for complete removal of the hangers as well, a must have for getting any guy to actually put away his accessories.

If you can’t drill into your walls, never fear, there are better options out there, for example a closet rod tie hanger or in drawer divider for rolled ties.

Need a Gift for your Guy?

With the holidays rapidly approaching (Halloween kicks off the season in just two weeks), it’s time to start making those lists and checking them twice.  I find that men are the hardest to shop for.  We gals will be happy with pretty much anything new (shiny or not), but guys can sometimes be a challenge.  If your significant other wears ties on a regular basis, or even if he just has a lot of ties for special occasions, why not pick up a tie rack for him for Christmas?

There’s something in it for you, too, after all.  And by that I mean a more organized closet, which in turn means more space for your stuff, who doesn’t love that?

One of my favorite gifty style tie racks is the Motorized Tie Rack.  This handy tool has a modern look and takes up just five inches of space on the closet rod (about the size of two hanging garments).  It is battery operated and with the touch of a button it rotates, giving you access to up to 64 ties and 8 belts (that’s enough space to last even the most tie obsessed guy a life time).  It even has a light for when he wants to pick out clothes while you are sleeping in the dark.  The light is automated for turn on and shut off.  Plus, it gives you more gift ideas and options down the road for many holidays to come (ties, anyone?).

Holiday Shopping Tip:  In your calendar or daily planner, keep a page tabbed with each family and friend’s name on it so that while you are walking around stores or around your house, as you think of a gift idea, you can make note of it. This makes it so much easier when the time to shop for presents comes around.