Tie Storage – Our Best Practices

Ties collections and tie storage can be pricey and difficult to keep up with, which is why having the proper storage is a necessity for any man who is truly serious about his neckties.

From high tech to classic, there is tie storage to fit your collection and your closet.

Tie Storage

30 Tie Organizer – Wall Mounted – Set of 2

Attaching to the back of the closet door, the Wall Mounted Tie Rack makes good use of unused closet space. Individual, removable hangers for each tie make any collection easy to sort, and ties easy to remove. Organize your tie storages by occasion, like work and special-occasions – or organize your tie storage by color.

This rack also makes a great storage option for scarves. Sold in a set of two these two racks can be hung on a pair of doors or stacked on one door.

Oak Tie and Belt Hanger - Double Sided

Oak Tie and Belt Hanger – Double Sided

For a less permanent storage solution to your tie storage dilemma, the hanging tie organizer is a convenient choice.

This double sided hanger has hooks that are perfect for ties on one side, plus hooks for belts on the other side. With a hook for each item it’s easy to keep items accessible. Simply place this hanger in closet and use it to store ties, belts or even scarves all in one place.

Tie Storage

Electronic Tie Rack with Ionizer

The ultimate in high tech tie storage, the Ionizer Tie Rack has all the bells and whistles you could possibly want in a tie rack. Rotating with the push of a button, an ionizer helps keep ties fresh. A built in light makes it easy to see ties in a dark closet. Providing lots of storage in a small space, this is a great option.

Whatever tie rack you choose, by keeping ties properly stored so that they’re wrinkle free and clean, they can each be enjoyed for years to come. Get that tie collection in order with the perfect tie rack!

Choosing the Right Tie Rack

Maybe you are just entering the business force, or maybe you are just in need of a new solution for tie storage.  If you fall into either of these categories, read on.  Here is my guide on all different types of tie racks and how you know which one is right for you!  But first, some questions that you will want to have sorted out.  Where is this tie rack going?  Is it going to be somewhere in plain view for you and others to see?  If so, take into consideration the style of the tie rack, you will want something that is aesthetically pleasing.  This Cedar Tie Rack is a great choice for use out of the closet because it is really stunning.  It also is great inside the closet, because cedar wood has natural insect repellent properties.

Cedar Tie Rack by Woodlore

Cedar Tie Rack by Woodlore

Wall Mounted Tie Racks – These are very common and are a great choice if you don’t have the closet hanging space.  You can mount them anywhere, inside or outside of the closet or even in your coat closet by the front door.  You will find a variety of styles, materials and price points in this category, everything from chrome to solid wood and even plastic is available.

Tie Organizer Hangers – This is a great way to store ties if you have just a few inches of closet rod space left.  Hanging ties on a hanger keeps them easily accessible and right next to your suits and shirts so you can see what looks best.

Motorized Tie Racks – These are a great option for easy access as well.  You don’t need to flip through any rack, the motor does the work for you!  It also helps to keep them from tangling and getting snagged on clothes.  The downside is that they take up a few extra inches on that closet rod.