Tie Racks For More Than Ties

As the fearless leader of the Tie Racks Blog, I like to try out products that can have more than one function.  It is always fun to think outside of the box with something and imagine its capabilities beyond its intended use.  Thinking creatively is a helpful skill when undertaking any home organizing project.  I have put this skill to use with plastic totes, drawer organizers and even wall shelves (which I used to create a climbing system for my indoor cat).

Tie Racks

Cedar Tie Racks are perfect for a variety of organization purposes.

Unique Idea for Tie Racks

Recently I went searching for a tie rack for my husband.  He is an avid collector of neck ties and owns just about any style you can image.  From funky vintage neckties to funny themed ones, he covers the whole gamut of neck tie couture.

I decided to get him a Woodlore brand cedar tie rack because it has a simple and highly functional design.  We actually combined multiple tie racks side by side along the wall to accommodate his whole collection.  Even though this wall mount tie rack has a great capacity (twenty four) he owns more ties than the average man.

Once I saw what a great job this wall mounted neck tie rack did at organizing his fashion accessories, I got to thinking about other places I could use it around the house.

My first thought was necklaces.  Aha!  I can’t stand how my necklaces get tangled in the jewelry box.  And having them hanging would make selection so much easier.  And then I thought, Well why not bracelets too?  Done.  Then I realized I could use one of these wall racks to hang garden hand tools in the shed.  They already have little notches for hanging, but I made loops with leather rope to give them more freedom to dangle.

Once you get the hang of it, the practice of “re-purposing” objects can be a lot of fun!  Start looking around your home, at your favorite organizers, and imagine them being useful in a new way that you never saw before.

Keep Ties Safe And Fresh With The Electronic Tie Rack With Ionizer

It only takes a few must have accessories for a man to look well dressed and ready for the work day. Keeping men’s accessories organized and ready to wear only requires a few key storage accessories. Preventing ties and belts from getting bent out of shape means they are always ready to wear, so nothing looks out of place.

Electronic Tie Rack with Ionizer

Electronic Tie Rack with Ionizer

Ties are the first accessory that everyone notices and keeping them from getting wrinkled is the key to looking freshly pressed. The Electronic Tie Rack with Ionizer is the ultimate in tie storage, with space for up to seventy ties! A built in ionizer helps keep ties fresh and the light also makes it easy to find the right tie. Don’t have seventy ties? Use the other slots for belts, so they hang straight and don’t get bent out of shape.

To keep watches in good shape look for watch storage that includes a pillow to support the wrist strap. This is especially important for leather watches that can easily get worn out from poor storage. Storage ranges from watch boxes with space for a larger collection of watches, or a men’s valet with a place for a favorite watch and additional compartments for other items. Individual sections are the best way to keep cufflinks paired up and tie clips from getting scratched.

Keeping a charging tray on your nightstand ensures you’ll remember to keep must have electronics fully charged and ready to go. These trays also often provide storage for everything from loose change to your wallet.

Take care of your accessory investment by investing in just a little bit of proper storage. Keeping the closet organized is also the best way to ensure you can get ready quickly in the morning. The better your storage, the longer your accessories will last.