Tie Rack of the Week: Accessory Rack

After taking a short break from our “Tie Rack of the Week” feature due to the Christmas holiday, I am back to highlight another convenient, durable and unique organizational rack for your closet!  Normally we stick to just talking about regular tie racks, but this week I want to showcase a storage accessory that is great for a variety of items.

Most tie racks are pretty simple in their design and only really provide good storage for the one item they are intended to hold: ties. Now as most of you know, dressing your best for work takes much more than just having a stellar tie around your neck. No, there are a variety of other formal accessories that are necessary in order to look your best, including belts, scarves and other “strappy” items.

As you may know, it can be quite difficult to find a good place to store your belts and other clothing accessories – they always end up falling to the floor, making a mess and a dangerous obstacle as you get ready in the morning. Anyone that has every stepped on the “peg” side of a belt buckle will understand what I am getting at.

Accessory Racks
So without any further ado, I would like to present this week’s “Tie Rack of the Week”, which is an accessory rack made by the folks over at Interdesign. This rack is perfect because it has a compact size that fits easily into closets whether they are large or small. The hook design of the accessory rack makes it easy to hang from a closet rod, taking up very little space. The rack offers a total of fourteen hooks, which are perfect for holding not only ties, but belts, scarves and other formal wear accessories. Made from metal with a chrome finish, this rack is easy to spot among the other hangers in your closet.