Coat Rack for a Nicer Closet!

The 6 hook wall-mounted coat and hat rack is a modern coat rack like no other!  This beautiful wall hook rack has a traditional arched top that is updated with contemporary chrome finish, the perfect match for any home decor, from traditional to contemporary and everything in between!  This wall rack is perfect for use on any wall of the home, including inside the closet or in the hall or mudroom.

Coat Rack

The ends of each of the six coat hooks feature a white knob style stopper that serves two functions.  First, they reduce the risk of items falling off the hooks and onto the floor.  And second, they provide a beautiful accent to the chrome frame for visual appeal.

So many uses for this coat rack!

As a bonus, the knobs also protect fabrics from rips, tears and snags.  Wall mounted hook racks can be used all over the home and office for a neat and tidy home.

In the entryway or mudroom, a coat rack keeps jackets and hats off the floor and on the rack where they belong.

In the closet, wall hooks can hold everything from scarves and coats and even can be used as a tie rack.

To keep the kids rooms clean, a wall mounted coat rack is a quick and easy to use tool for them.  Just make sure to mount it at their height, not yours!

And finally, in the garage, a wall mounted rack is perfect for sports equipment, snow gear and baseball caps.

This wall coat rack from Stacks and Stacks is a great choice for shared living and roommate situations, or for big families and even for singles!  The timeless design will work well for years and years!  Whatever your storage needs in the home, this 6 hook wall mounted coat rack can help out!

Men’s Valet – A Review By Clive Oxford

I’m a powerful business executive, so I know just how important it is to look my best. My clothing needs to be wrinkle free and immaculate. Keeping business attire in incredible shape can sometimes try your patience, and organizing these clothes can be cumbersome. It doesn’t have to be that way – all you need is a men’s valet.

I have a suggestion for those working in the business sector, with a closet full of business attire: consider a fine storage option for your attire, also known as a men’s valet.

They are functional, stylish, and best of all, they make the day to day process of preparing for your day at the office all the more simple.  You can hang suits, belts, pants, trousers, socks, almost every facet of your business attire from a valet.  They remain organized, free of wrinkles, and ready for you when you need them.

Men's Valet


Where do I find this “men’s valet”?

I purchased a fine model online from a dependable online retailer, Stacks and Stacks, but you can find a men’s valet almost anywhere that sells fine furniture.

The model I chose features dependability and a classic look. It handily fits into my closet, and every night I can set out my items to wear for the next morning.  It really helps speed me along to that first meeting, knowing I look my best, and didn’t need to waste time selecting clothing for the day.

What is a nice side benefit to a well designed and fully-functional men’s valet is a seat.  Yes, having a seat whilst placing shoes upon your feet is a real comfort.  You may also find it convenient to place your wallet, jewelry, or other personal items into the myriad shelves or holding areas of the valet.

As a top executive, I needed to find a dependable men’s valet for my clothing. I discovered a perfect model online, and utilized the valet to make my clothing storage and organization easier.

You can too.

Tie Racks – A Must Have for Closets

Belts and ties, watches and cufflinks – with so few accessories for men it only takes few key storage pieces to keep your closet in order. A men’s valet is a big help in getting dressed in the morning as it has compartments for storing a watch or cufflinks finding everything you need is a cinch. But more importantly, tie racks are a huge must-have for the closet.

Tie Racks for Closets

Tie racks for closets help prevent ties from getting wrinkled – or worse. Choose a rack as high tech or traditional as you like, there are so many different styles out there for every taste.

Designs for tie racks range from wall mounted peg tie racks to rod-hanger designs that can be moved from closet to closest. Another great option is to place a wall mounted tie rack on the back of a closet door for easy access and to save space. Any lover of ties or technology will be thrilled with a state of the art, rotating tie rack that makes it easy to peruse their collection with a built in light that makes the color of each tie easy to see.

Organizing ties by color makes coordinating your tie to your shirt easy. Another way to arrange your ties is by occasion so that everyday work ties are easy to grab, while dressier ties are safely stored. Whether you have a few ties or a large collection it’s easy to find a rack that can hold them all. With the right tie rack you’ll never end up with a closet floor or drawer littered with ties again.

These racks can also be used to store other accessories such as belts. Every man’s wardrobe should have at least three belts, one in black, one in brown to coordinate with shoes and a more casual belt in a neutral color. Combining a tie and belt rack is a good way to keep both in good shape and save closet space. With a few easy steps you can get your closet in shape! Find Tie Racks for Closets at Stacks and Stacks!

A Business Man and his Ties

I’m a business man that wears a tie every day.  Naturally, I am very busy and do not have the time to sift through all my ties in the morning before important 5:30 AM meetings.  I just want a tie rack that allows me to find my tie quickly and efficiently.
As a high-powered business man, I have a large closet.  Sometimes I put some of my ties in one storage area, and put my other ties elsewhere. This can get very confusing for me in the wee hours of the morning, when all I really want to do is find my Donald Trump graphic tie. (I wear it on days that I fire people. I just call them in and point at the tie.)

Tie - O - Matic Motorized Tie Rack

Tie - O - Matic Motorized Tie Rack

As a wealthy, high-powered business man, I have a lot of ties.  And when I say “a lot of ties” I really mean it.  They call me the tie king.  In fact, by my last count I have 63 ties in total!  Luckily for me, my co-workers saved up and bought me the incredible tie – o – matic motorized tie rack for my 25 year anniversary with the company. It is able to hold 64 ties and eight belts, which really makes my life more organized and my closet storage more sensible.  Just a push of a button and my ties are rotating smoothly, allowing me to pick the perfect tie to top off my ensemble.  The light also comes in handy before my early morning meetings, allowing me to see my ties in the dark.

The only problem is, when I got home my wife got me two more ties, putting me at the 65 tie mark. It was just too hard to pick which tie I would exclude from my motorized tie rack; I love them all so much! I decided I would find out where to get such a revolutionary product.  I asked my friends where they purchased such a convenient and useful tie rack, and they told me about purchasing it at

Now I have two motorized tie racks and naturally, I had to fill up the second one.  I now am the proud owner of 128 awesome ties!  I am the tie king.