Review: Wall Mounted Tie Organizer

It only takes a few essentials to keep a well dressed mans closet in style. By properly storing your suits and accessories you can cut down on trips to the dry cleaners and save time getting ready in the morning. With the right hangers, shoe rack and men’s valet any closet can be well organized. One great option for keeping your closet organized is the wall mounted tie organizer.

Wall Mounted Tie Organizer

When properly stored suits only need to be dry cleaned a few times a year. Make sure that suit jackets are hung on a padded or formed hanger that won’t leave behind hanger marks. Make sure that hangers are evenly spaced with about an inch between each garment for proper air flow. Dress shirts should never go in the dryer, hang them up to dry and then iron while still slightly damp to get a smooth look.

Storing your tie collection comes down to finding the right tie rack. With the Wall Mounted 30 Tie Organizer from Stacks and Stacks, finding the tie you are looking for is easy. Individual tie hangers allow you to easily organize your tie collection. Specially designed tie hooks ensure that ties stay flat, making the wall mounted tie organizer a one-of-a-kind option for tie storage. If you can’t hang up a tie right away make sure to roll it up rather than folding it which can cause creases.

Organization doesn’t stop at the wall mounted tie organizer

Keep cufflinks paired up with a men’s valet that has small compartments for storing them together. If you have a watch with a leather wristband look for a valet designed for storing watches with cushions that support the band and keep it from getting out of shape.

When it comes to storing shoes, especially leather ones don’t wear them two days in a row so that they have time to dry out. An over the door rack is a good way to store shoes since it allows them to air out and saves space at the same time.

How A Tie Rack Got Me A Promotion

If there is one thing in this world I can never figure out, it is how to properly store my ties.  They are always falling on the floor, getting wadded up in my dresser, or just seem to disappear altogether.  I tried different strategies but every time I ended up with a bunch of sloppy, wrinkly ties that were falling apart at the seams. Not a single tie rack I tried to use worked.

My apartment has the perfect closet; it is 35 square feet and offers tons of storage.  Everything is in its right place, I never have a problem storing large items.  Ties are unique in that they don’t take up much closet storage space, but they are so shifty and falling all the time! And getting stepped on! I had to put an end to this tie travesty.

Wooden Peg 36 Neck Tie Rack

Wooden Peg 36 Neck Tie Rack

I fired up the old iMac, got on the inter-webs, and landed on one of my favorite sites, As I browsed the site I thought of the days when I would be able to hang up to 36 ties on one single rack, specifically designated for ties and ties only!  (Okay I suppose I will let my wife hang her necklaces from time to time).

I finally found the perfect tie storage solution: the wooden peg 36 neck tie rack.  This baby is able to store every single one of my ties, and mounts right on the wall.  The natural color of the wood was the perfect complement to the light hardwood floor in my closet.

The next day as I walked into my office with a pristine tie wrapped around my neck and dangling over my shirt, my boss walked up to.  “Son I’d like to talk to you for a moment,” he said firmly to me.  As I confusedly approached his desk, he shut the door.  “I always thought of you as a solid worker son,” he told me in his rough, whiskey drenched voice,  “but I never envisioned you as a leader of men.  After seeing that glorious, immaculate tie you are wearing, I have decided to promote you to CEO.”

As they say, sometimes all it takes is a space saving tie rack.

Chaos Conquered with the Light-up Rotating Tie and Belt Rack

Picture this if you will: it’s minutes before you have to head out to a fancy anniversary dinner, a career making meeting, or a get together with the in-laws, and you’re stuck on a tie-fishing expedition in your own closet. Or better yet, you have all ties in one place: space-efficiently stuffed in your dresser drawer together with your belts, socks and underwear; now that you found the one acceptable, spouse and GQ approved choice, it looks like it went through a baler, but you can’t iron that kind of fabric blend. Or even better still, you tried to iron it and scorched an avant-garde statement right onto the most noticeable part. Does any of it sound familiar? If so, don’t despair, you are not alone.

Light-up Rotating Tie and Belt Rack

Light-up Rotating Tie and Belt Rack

Millions of men around the globe often find themselves sending rays of primordial hatred to the long perished neckwear inventor. Not that you despise ties per se, but the sheer agony that the social protocol bestows upon you makes you dream fondly of a simpler time when clubbing a beast with a stick was enough to gain all the recognition one can ever amass. If, on the other hand, you have never ended up in a kind of predicament depicted above, you either are a highly efficient entity with a possibly alien genome factor, or you have managed to conquer the chaos with the help of a closet organizer, such as this Light-up Rotating Tie and Belt Rack from Stacks and Stacks. Few things are more fun to watch than your ties and belts going on an illuminated merry-go-round, when all you have to do is pick a winner. Great for businessmen, executives, federal agents and entertainment moguls alike, it will also make an exciting holiday gift for your fashion-forward uncle or father in-law. That said, your significant other will definitely enjoy a more peaceful, collected you when it’s time for another family reunion.

Tie Rack Review – Cedar Rack

In the world of business, it is important to have a wide selection of ties at your disposal. And with all of those ties, comes a natural need for a tie rack. Think about it. You need:

Ties for power meetings

Ties for informal meetings

Ties for boardroom presentations.

This adds up to many, many ties. Organizing these ties can be cumbersome. It doesn’t have to be – all you need is the perfect tie rack to fix your situation.

I have a suggestion for my fellow business-minded readers with an abundance of ties: this suggestion can also assist the casual career type who has, for one reason or another, found themselves with a varied and plentiful selection of ties.  My suggestion, quite simply, is to find yourself a cedar tie rack. Particularly one with brass pegs.

Tie Rack

Cedar Tie Rack with Brass Pegs


“Why a Cedar Tie Rack?”

You may be asking yourself this question. And let me tell you why:

Because cedar is an aromatic wood – additionally, it is beautiful and long lasting.

Your closet will avoid the trapping of a musty, dank smelling clothing repository with a nice piece of cedar bolted to the wall.

“And Why Brass on my Tie Rack?”

This may be another question you have.

Because brass features dependability, strength, and a classic look. 24 pegs, because studies have shown that a successful businessman should have a top roster of 24 ties at his disposal, readily accessible. For the non-businessman, the option of hanging up to 24 ties of varying quality is a nice comfort, and will certainly help in the selection of a tie, on that rare occasion that a tie is needed.

What is a nice side benefit to a cedar tie rack with 24 brass pegs is the option to hang your keys or belts from the rack’s side hooks.  You may also find it convenient to place you wallet, jewelry, or other personal items on the well-placed top shelf built into the tie rack.

As a businessman, I needed to find a classic, dependable rack for my ties. I found the perfect cedar constructed tie rack, and utilized it to make my personal tie selection, storage, and organization easier.

You can too. Get your cedar tie rack at Stacks and Stacks!

By Mitchel Murray