Are you one of those folks that occasionally wears “silly ties”? I’m assuming (nay, praying) you are not, but in that unfortunate case you are: Shame on you!

Ties are serious business, and not intended to be a way for you to be humorous. If you want a way to be funny in the office, then you should clip out your favorite ‘Dilbert’ cartoon, laminate it, and keep it in your wallet. Then, whenever you need a chuckle, you may take the comic out (on your break, or when you’re alone in your car during your lunch hour) and look at it.

That will be a fun time, and also allow you to remain professional. Questions about what tie to wear? In most cases, you can refer to this list to find out what tie NOT to wear to any important event or somewhere you want to leave a positive impression on your style. Simply put, silly ties have to go.

However, these are just a FEW of the ties that need to be kept hidden until Halloween. If you are ever curious what kind of tie to go with, always go with something simple and plain compared to ANY of these, and NO – I repeat, NO – shapes.

If you must have this collection of ties, you’ll want a tie organizer to keep them them hidden in between your dress shirts. This is very serious, and of paramount importance: these ties are for fun only and should never be worn in any kind of serious situation. Remember: first impressions are lasting impressions. Silly ties are a great way to make the impression that you are a complete goofus.

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