Awesome Homemade Tie Rack Alert!

That’s right, people, brace yourself because we are at a full force AHTRA (Awesome Homemade Tie Rack Alert)!! How many of you faithful readers remember this post from a few months back, Displaying your Tie Collection in Style?

In that post we featured a picture of a homemade tie shelving system.

Well, faithful Tie Racks Blog follower Neuron84 was so very inspired by this incredibly homemade tie storage system, he (or she) decided to go ahead and give making a homemade tie rack the old college try. The experiment was a great success, so much so that Neuron84 posted a picture of the rack s/he built down in the comments. However not all of you read the comments of the posts (tsk, tsk!) but I wanted to make sure that all of you saw it, because it looks awesome!

Homemade Tie Rack from Neuron84

I am seriously impressed with this incredible closet storage accessory! Not only does this homemade tie rack provide ample storage for ties (and, sweet collection of neckware by the way) but the extra spaces it offers can be used for watches, cufflinks, cologne and other handy closet storage! Neuron84 – I tip my hat to you!

Let’s see what the audience thinks of this homemade tie rack after the jump:

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