Belt Racks that Extend – Great For Any Closet

So once again, it is the holiday season. It sure feels like a lot of things are extending: store hours are getting longer, shopping lists are getting longer, and belts need to be extended because of all of those delicious holiday treats! Perhaps some of us have eaten so many delicious treats that it is time to update that belt collection – two sizes up, please! If you are getting more belts, you may need more belt storage – and why not stick with the theme and get extending belt racks?

Check out this Extendable Sliding Belt and Tie Rack, it will expand your mind!

Extendable Belt Racks

Not all belt racks are built the same

This fully extendable belt rack mounts right onto the wall or closet door. What makes it different from the average belt or tie rack is that it slides out with ease, making the task of belt selection more convenient! The belt hanger slides smoothly on a concealed track, that is completely hidden when retracted. In addition to belts, ties, and scarves, the heavy-duty posts can hold robes, jackets, and more!

Discover the convenience of not having to reach deep into the closet to find your favorite belts; this belt organizer does all of the reaching for you, providing simple and easy belt selection! Best of all, it’s proudly made in the USA!

Belt racks are a perfect gift idea for the gentleman in your life. After all, if he wears pants, chances are he wears a belt! And if he has a belt, chances are he actually has a couple of belts (dressy vs. casual, neutral colors vs. brights, fabric vs. leather). So, this belt rack is a great choice for keeping all those belts neatly organized!

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