Gimme Five! Five Tie Racks, That Is!

In the wide world of tie racks there are so many different styles to choose from. No matter the size of your collection, there is a tie rack style for you! These are only 5 examples of ways to store and organize your tie collections. Check back for more styles to make a good decision!


Tie Racks




New and fun, these tie racks have a state of the art design that makes them better than your run of the mill tie rack. The rack allows for motorized rotation making it a breeze to browse your incredibly immense collection of ties. This particular one holds 64 ties and 8 belts, perfect for the avid tie wearer.







A classic, classy way to organize a tie collection, the wall mounted tie rack is a simpler, stripped down tie rack. Featuring a double row of hooks that run the length of the piece of wood, it is easy to hang up your tie and keep it there after a long day at the office. As an added bonus your ties will smell fresh from the aromatic cedar scent.


Tie Racks



Sometimes the most important thing tie racks can do is save on space. If that is your mission, go with something like this. This tie rack has a hanger-shape and fits in nicely with your other clothes in the closet, perfect for space efficient tie storage. The hanger has a double row of hooks, which are able to offer plenty of space for your tie and belt storage.







For those living at the height of technology, there are tie racks with a more modern appearance. This rack is designed to be mounted to the wall, and the sleek chrome bar holds tie clips, which you can hang your tie from. These plastic tie hangers are exactly like the ones you’ll find in top of the line department stores, such as Macy’s, Bloomingdales and Saks. The combination of modern style and and high-class quality makes this the perfect way to keep your ties in brand new condition.

Tie Racks



This unique fun tie rack is great for any tie collection, and can be used just about anywhere! It is very compact and hangs nicely in the closet. The tie rack is able to easily hold many ties, keeping them straight and wrinkle free. Not only can it hold your ties, it can also double to hold belts or scarves as well.








Like I said, this is just 5 of the many options out there for tie racks. There will be another showcase of some popular tie racks as well as a how-to on maintaining your tie collection and taking good care of your ties.


Have a favorite tie rack? How many ties are in your collection? How do you take care of your ties? I’d love to hear your advice!