Hang on! Tie Hangers are the Best.

Hey everybody! So… Lately I have been hearing a lot about this current recession we find ourselves in. In fact, just the other day my friend said to me “Nicole, I’d like to get a tie rack, but it just seems too expensive! What should I do?”, knowing that I was an expert on tie racks, tie hangers and those sort of things.

Well, I am going to tell you guys the same thing I told my friend – just because money is tight, doesn’t mean you can’t keep your ties organized! And also, think about it: you invested good money into your collection of ties. If you let your ties get ruined, it is just like you are wasting your money! And nobody likes to waste money, especially not in a recession. So, let me show you a low-cost, low-effort way to keep your ties neat and organized – Tie Hangers!

Tie Hangers

This Double Sided Tie Hanger is the best way to keep your ties and belts organized, without a traditional tie rack. Plus, it will hang in your closet! Tie hangers are perfect accessories because they help prevent wrinkled, creased ties and tangled-up belts. Each belt and tie hang on its very own separate peg so that all of your accessories are safe and easy to find. The sturdy 1/4″ solid oak hanger with brass hooks and pegs are designed to hold 24 neckties on one side and 10 to 15 belts on the reverse side.

So, there you go faithful denizens of Tie Racks Blog! It just goes to show that there really is a tie rack option for every different budget out there! So, don’t wait for the stock market to go back up before you start taking care of your ties and belts! Take care of this vital need today!

Tie Racks Blog Is All Tied Up – How to Tie a Tie!

Knowing the proper way to tie a tie becomes second nature for most men over time, especially those that have to wear one everyday for work. But that first time you try to tie a tie? Man, that is one sharp learning curve, even for your resident Tie Racks Blog expert. Even worse, it seems like finding good instructions on how to properly tie a tie can be quite the arduous task. And even when you do finally find a “how to” on tying a tie, they look a little bit like this graphic:

Tie Racks Blog

Not very helpful, right? Luckily for you, faithful Tie Racks Blog nation, I came across a set of totally clear directions over at the incredibly helpful site, How to Tie a Tie. These guys are real pros and they do a great job of demystifying the tie tying process for all of us newbs. First of all, check out this great visual instruction for the “Four in Hand” knot:

Tie Racks Blog

And if you click over to their site, you’ll find terrific written instructions, as well.

Now that you know how to tie a tie, where are you going to keep your ties when you’re not wearing them? Tie Racks, of course! How about this Light Up Rotating Tie Rack? The mechanical wonders of this item allow it to mount and secure to your closet rod.  It holds up to 64 ties and belts safely and securely — and when it comes time to use them, you can easily pick one!  This tie and belt rack rotates and lights-up while in operation!  The Light-up Rotating Tie and Belt Rack requires 4 “C” batteries.

Plus, since it lights up, you can pick out a tie in the dark! It’s perfect if you have to get up early to go to work. In fact, it’s a lot like something James Bond would have! Even tie racks can be cool! A nifty gadget, some stylish accessories – all you need is a martini, and you’ll be all set to channel your inner spy!