Multi-Purpose Alert!!


So, my coworker gave me this great idea of multi-purpose use for tie racks. Once I started looking, there were lots of products for kitchen organization that would be great for tie racks oddly enough.


The winner of the most unpredictable kitchen storage item as a tie rack is the under the cabinet cup holder!


Now, I know you don’t hang your ties in the kitchen but if you are anything like my dad and brothers, you will use anything from the kitchen if it works. My dad has used my mom’s liquid funnels and hand mixer and beaters all for a cement project. For some reason, kitchen products just seem to work well.


I think this cup holder will be a great tie rack hanging from a closet shelf. You can’t buy a tie rack for as cheap as this cup holder is. There are 5 hooks on each side, allowing you to hold an ample amount of ties, scarves or belts.


So, keep in mind that you may have household items around the house that could work perfect for something else. If you have any other multi-purpose alerts let me know and we’ll post them up for others to take advantage of!

Trend Alert: Necktie T-Shirts

Dear faithful readers of the Tie Racks Blog, I have very important news to fill you in with. In fact, I have an urgent necktie trend alert to bring to all of your attention! So buck up and get ready for this incredible trend that has been rocking the tie rack world!


The tie printed right onto the front of a T-shirt is fun trend that has been kicking around for a while. However, the trend is starting to make a huge comeback and it’s become more popular than ever.

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Necktie Tools: The Dimpler

When it comes to learning to tie your necktie and doing a good job at it, there are tons of tools and products to utilize in your quest to tie the perfect knot.


Besides ample amount necktie tying videos available on YouTube, there are specialized products to get the job done as well. One product in particular is called the Dimpler. I came across this product in a desperate search to re-invent my sloppy tie-tying ways.

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