Traveling with Neckties is Important Business

Bringing neckties on trips can be stressful – especially if you are heading somewhere important and that tie is going to make a difference.

Dogs love neckties

There are several options for storing your neckties for travel. Some are better than others – but each of these options are sure to prevent any damage to your ties.

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Tie Rack Alternatives for the Space-Deprived

If hanging your neckties is not your thing – do not fret because there are tie rack alternatives out there that may suit your fancy. They may also provide the perfect storage for the complements to your fancy suit! (See what I did there?)

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Borrowed Ties: This Post Takes Place Between 10-11 AM

Hi I’m Larry Wilson and I write a blog called Bike Racks Blog and it’s all about bike racks and cool things having to do with bike racks!  I’ve been allowed to take a swing at Tie Racks Blog, because I found a great tie rack that I really wanted to share! I have been having so much fun organizing my ties that I could not help myself.

First thing’s first.  I want to tell you about my favorite show of all-time, and that’s 24 the Show.  It stars the fellow from the Young Gunner movie, and now he saves America always.  But he is also fashionable in his clothing choices.  He favors ties.


I starting thinking how great it would be if Jack Bauer (the 24 guy) had a cool tie rack.  I starting thinking about what kind of rack he would have.  And then I found it, right on the site called Stacks and Stacks!  It’s called the 24-Hook Extendable Scarf and Neck Tie Hanger.  Now, obviously Jack Bauer will have nothing to do with scarves, unless he’s choking a suspect to get information on where the bomb is going to go off, but for ties it’s perfect!

The 24 Tie Rack fully extends for easy access, so you can grab your favorite tie and get out of the house fast, and it easily bolts to the wall or inner door of a cabinet or closet. Tough, durable and flexible clasps secure those ties and scarves in place, just like Jack Bauer defending democracy.  It’s the perfect rack for all your tie missions, and it could also be given as a thoughtful gift.  Made in the USA, of course!  Well that’s my suggestion, I hope you enjoyed it.  Thanks, Tie Rack fans!  Nice to meet you!