Bumps Be Gone Hangers

It’s not just the tie that makes the man, it’s the whole suit. While we here at Tie Racks Blog typically focus on the best ways to care for, store and organize the neck pieces in your wardrobe, those accessories are worthless unless you take care of the rest of your wardrobe. As a woman, I know men do not typically go into such meticulous efforts to organize their wardrobes; the easier, the better. So when I started utilizing the Bumps Be Gone Hangers in my own closet, I immediately knew my husband would love them.

These unique hangers are designed to hang clothes without creating unsightly bumps in the shoulders from stretching. The bendable hangers are made from an easy-to-manage wire covered in a soft, grip-able foam. Bend the hanger arms slightly up or down to hang anything from sweaters to slacks. These hangers are great for men because they can manage the weight of dress pants and suit coats, but also hang nice dress shirts without compromising the structure of the shoulder. The Bumps Be Gone hangers are a great solution minus the extra effort that comes with large organizers or valet stands. Your guy can store and protect his duds in minimal time.

These flexible hangers can even be folded down to easily fit into luggage when you travel; Never struggle with wrinkled or stretched clothes when you fly or stay in a hotel for business.

These awesome hangers are available in the original design as well as a few other convenient alternate versions.

Bumps Be Gone Styles:

“I recently bought additional “Bumps Be-Gone” hangers as I loved the first ones I got several years ago. They not only are great for hanging to dry things you can’t put in the dryer, but also for keeping sweaters neatly hung in the closet without having the shoulders ruined by hanger marks. Highly recommended!” — Linda S., Four Stars

Add a tie mirror to make morning routine easier

Photo courtesy www.chicagoillinoisweddingphotography.com.

The perfect closet has many elements, and yes, one of those is an exceptional tie rack — but there are other pieces that can just as easily aid in your morning routine. If you are tying a necktie every morning, a great wall mounted mirror is a must as well. Small, lighted mirrors are great in the bathroom for ladies who wear makeup, but they’re great for guys too. 

This double-sided and lighted wall-mounted mirror is just the perfect size. The double jointed arm can fold flat against the wall, conserving space. You have your choice of brushed or polished nickel, bronze and chrome.

Lighted Mirror – Double-Sided Wall Mount Features

  • Four attractive finishes: Bronze, Chrome, Brushed Nickel and Polished Nickel.
  • Limited 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Cool bright light.
  • 3900 Kelvin rating.
  • Long-lasting LED light.
  • Hard wired.
  • Please note: photo does not show cord or plug.
  • Mounts to wall using included hardware.
  • Double-sided mirror has 1X and 5X magnification.
  • Tilts and pivots with the articulated arm.
  • Use for makeup application, tweezing and other grooming activities.
  • 9 W x 16 D inches when fully extended.
  • Extends to 16 inches.

Our favorite tie racks for gift giving: Over the door tie rack

Not sure what to get the man in your life this holiday season? We here at Tie Racks Blog have you covered! Over the next two weeks, we will share our top five favorite tie racks, perfect for the well-dressed guy in your life. 

First up is the simple Over the Door Tie Rack. This classic design is great for numerous reasons. First, the simple design is a great way to add extra storage to your bedroom or closet without installation. Simply slid it over any interior door and voila! No tools needed and no drilling holes in your walls or closet organizer.

Ten double hooks and four single hooks mean you have more than enough storage for your delicate accessories. Hang ties, scarves, belts, hats — there’s room for all of it with the Over the Door Tie Rack.

This multi-use rack is a great way to add storage without compromising limited space. Typically unused space behind your door becomes a convenient way to amp up your closet space. With this organizer you can add storage without taking up floor space or cramping your dressing area.

Made from durable steel with a chrome finish, this organizer is made to be long-lasting.

Give the gift of organization this holiday season.

Travel tie organizer is a great gift for business travelers

The winter catalog is out now at OrganizeIt.com and it features a plethora of great gift ideas. Among them is an awesome travel tie organizer that I just had to feature.

Traveling for business or other reasons that require professional attire is so much easier now. This handy suitcase accessory is made to hold up to six neck ties. The zippered case features elastic straps that hold your delicate ties in place, preventing shifting and wrinkling during flights, car or train rides. An enclosed pocket is a great spot for small accessories like your tie clips, lapel pins, pocket squares or cuff links. Long-lasting polyester is made to hold up during your travels. The small case easily fits inside your suitcase or carry-on — no need to lug it around as an additional piece.

This travel case is also great for scarves and other accessories. Simplify your travel with this convenient organizer!


Sleek towel ladder makes a great tie rack and conversation piece

Have a lot of ties? Sometimes unconventional storage is the best option — if you have the space and the need. This towel ladder is a great way to turn your tie collection into a display piece. Best in a large bedroom or even a walk in closet, this display ladder could be the perfect way to neatly store and organize neck ties.

  • Sleek and modern design will complement any household.
  • Leans right against the wall for an attractive appearance.
  • Four bars provide space to hang ties.
  • Four notched side hooks allow you to hang up clothing.
  • Width can expand from 16 to 24 inches for versatile use.
  • Rubber banding keeps it stable while leaning on the wall.
  • One side is made from natural-finished solid beechwood.
  • Other side is constructed from white rubber coated steel.
  • Two tone design coordinates with most any home space.
  • Some simple assembly may be required upon arrival.

Another option: creating a tie drawer

The search for the best tie storage continues.

This week, we’re looking into drawer organizers. While I typically warn against keeping expensive, quality ties in a drawer, using the correct type of organizer can be a perfect match. Large tie collections are best managed when you can see them all at once. Dedicating one or two dresser drawers to a proper organizer can make this possible. Create a tie drawer:Dresser Organizer - 9 Compartment Image


Inserts are really the best option. Using an organizing tray makes it super easy to create the exact system you need — no more, no less. This nine compartment design is great for the average Joe. The fabric lining protects silk ties from snags, tears or anything else.

A honeycomb divider is great for ties too. The small cubbies accommodate ties, belts or dress socks. You can properly roll up your ties and keep them one-to-a-cubby to best organize and protect them. The honeycomb shape is great for ties too.

Drawer dividers

You can utilize dividers to crate a more permanent organizer too. Drawer dividers are an easy way to create multiple storage areas in one drawer. Separate a drawer so you can keep all you ties, dress socks and other accessories in one, convenient place. These cool bamboo dividers are spring loaded and super simple to install. Padded ends protect your furniture from scratches and wear.

Use a belt hanger to store your most used accessories

Just like ties, it is very important to properly store belts. Also like ties, belts can be stored in a lot of the same ways and with the same organizers.

An archived Reddit thread has been bringing a lot of attention to our collection of Belt Hangers. (Thanks user, Shujin!)
So I thought it would be a great opportunity to delve deeper into the subject.

Here is what  un/Shujin had to say:

  • The simplest way to store your belts is to use a belt hanger. If you google belt hanger there are many different options.
  • If you want to make a cheap belt hanger, you can flatten out a common metal hanger and curl it into an S shape to hold the belts.
  • Alternatively, if you don’t want to hang the belts, you can keep them curled up in a shoebox, or similarly small box. I personally prefer to hang my belts so that they remain straight.


You will find lots of different styles of Belt Hangers on our website. Here is a break down:

Belt rings: These simple organizers are great for small collections. They’re designed to hang from closet rods and hold a handful of belts in a compact area.

Belt valets: These are designed to hang in the closet as well. Valets feature multiple hangers to hold belts and maintain easy accessibility.

Cedar: Cedar belt organizers come in a variety of styles, but the main feature is the clean, cedar scent. Using cedar organizers in your closet adds a pleasant, clean scent that keeps your wardrobe fresh.

Spinners: As the name suggests, these organizers spin so you can easily get to any tie or belt in a large collection.

How to clean a tie and properly store it

Tie, Necktie, Adjust, Adjusting, Man, Business

It’s happened before. Many swanky, expensive ties have been sent to an early grave after a losing battle against beer, tomato sauce, mustard and more. But what if there was a way to save those ties from demise. The question: how to clean a tie.


Proper tie upkeep is more than one step. Yes, we know that proper storage is essential. Keeping your ties correctly put away protects them from creasing, wrinkling and other unfavorable outcomes. A standard tie rack will keep your accessories in line. Anything from a small cedar hanger to a rotating, light-up display is available — it just depends on your collection.

Every day care

The way you treat your tie is important too. Take your time putting your tie on and untying it too. Untie your tie by reversing the steps you followed to tie it; do not simply pull the thin end through the knot and definitely do not store it with the knot still intact. Pulling stretches the silk or material and leaving it knotted creates creases and folds that will be difficult to remove later.

Cleaning: the  basics

Yes, removing those stains from ties — especially silk ones — seems impossible. The most important thing you need to remember is NO water. Water ruins silk ties so you need to be clever with your stain fighters.

  • Rubbing alcohol can be gently dabbed on the infected area. Blow dry immediately and repeat up to three times if needed.
  • Talcum powder or corn starch can be used to soak up oily stains. Cover the stain and let it sit over night. This method can also be repeated over the same area if needed.
  • If you’re more likely to trust the professionals, try dry cleaning. Or if you want to keep it simple, try a laundry stain remover — just pat it dry and remember not to wet the area with water.

Looking to clean a different material? Check out this awesome info-graphic from our friends at Ties.com.

Or, to avoid stains all together, you can just throw your tie over your shoulder when digging in. It’s not very suave, but it gets the job done.

Necktie Care Chart

Let it slide: A pull out tie rack keep things tidy

There are a million and a half ways to organize neck ties, but have you ever thought of utilizing a belt valet? These handy storage pieces mount inside your closet and slide out on smooth ball bearings to make your accessories accessible. The durable, strong construction of these hidden hangers is guaranteed to last years. Try these models: 

This nickel Sliding Belt Rack is made from commercial grade steel.  Seven sturdy hooks securely hang ties, belts and more without damaging delicate fabrics. It can be mounted to slide out to the left or right, so it can easily accommodate any closet system. Hooks can hold multiple accessories a piece and hardware comes included for easy installation.

For more storage, check out the Custom Closet Slide-Out Tie Rack. Boasting 18 strong prongs for hanging your favorite neckties, this tie valet is made from strong aluminum. A charming oil-rubbed bronze finish compliments any decor. Mount it to the wall, the inside of a closet or cabinet door – anywhere that is easily accessible.

Find these products and other like them at StacksandStacks.com.

Hanging Belt Storage: Throwing Ya’ll For a Loop

Here on the Tie Racks Blog, we tend to stick to discussing ways to store your ties and other formal attire. While it may seem like a bit of a banal subject to base an entire blog on, that is not true. In fact, it is a very banal subject to base an entire blog on! So today instead of talking about tie storage, I am going to go off the beaten track a bit and talk about hanging belt storage.

Hopefully I do not alienate my dedicated Tie Rack fan base by going off of the beaten path a bit. If you are offended by this excursion into the world of belt storage, please bear with me. I assure you that there is much to be gleaned when it comes to hanging belt storage and the ways in which it can make your life easier.

Hanging Belt StorageNothing is worse than not knowing where your belt is. Unlike a tie, which is easy to forgo, going beltless can be a huge mistake. First of all, many of us have pants that are a size too big, or maybe even more if you have recently lost weight. In these cases a belt is absolutely mandatory for everyday attire. If you cannot find your belt you could be looking at a world of hurt. In fact, I have seen people improvise with belts made from rope, internet cables and even file clips!

Of course, these jerry-rigged belts are certainly the furthest from being formal wear. In fact, this is something you would expect to see in some backwater small-town where the only issue of GQ you can find is a 6 year old quarterly fashion report in the dentist-slash-plumber’s office. You definitely do not want to come off as being of this mindset, right? In order to avoid this embarrassing look, just use hanging belt storage in your closet to keep looking sharp.

For those that need to upgrade their hanging belt storage, look no further than the Cedar Belt Keeper. This belt rack offers four hooks, which should be plenty of space to store all of your belts.